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    Wasn’t meant to Bee

    The atmosphere at the local Republicans’ elections party was bittersweet Tuesday night, as the results of this year’s elections turned out largely in favor of Democrats.

    Congressional candidate Tim Bee held an election party Tuesday night at The Manning House downtown to watch the results and thank supporters.

    “”I have never seen the level of effort, the level of enthusiasm, the level of work, as I have seen this year,”” Bee said. “”We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart.””

    During the party, the results of Arizona’s House of Representatives election had not been determined yet, and Bee spoke to the audience of supporters without the knowledge that he would lose.

    “”We are very excited by what we have seen so far,”” Bee said, in reference to his campaign. “”This race is very competitive, and we are hoping it stays competitive, and at the end of the results, whether it’s tomorrow or the end of the week … we are hoping and praying for victory.””

    Numerous Sen. John McCain posters decorated the walls of The Manning House, which hosted the party, and reflected the conservative stance of Bee and his supporters, all of who watched the presidential election results as they became available.

    Although a majority of Bee supporters were unhappy about the results of the elections, the audience’s reactions remained optimistic in its support of Bee and hopeful about the future of Obama’s presidency.

    “”I think John McCain exhibited for all of us why we are so proud to be Republicans,”” said Ray Carroll, campaign manager for the Southern Arizona Support for McCain for President organization. “”Now we move to the role of loyal opposition. We may not be in power, but our day will come again … to work together as Republicans and as neighbors … to move this country forward. Let’s not let the blue tsunami continue.””

    Throughout the party, Bee supporters reacted to the election results with unhappy sighs and the occasional booing, and vociferated frequently during Obama’s speech.

    McCain’s concession speech was met with a general reticence among the crowd that often echoed the responses of McCain’s crowd in Phoenix. As McCain spoke, the crowd applauded, and although the supporters were mostly in favor of McCain, not everyone lost hope as Obama was elected the next president.

    “”We lost because this country wanted change, and they saw that change in Barack Obama,”” Carroll said. “”Now we need to support our new administration, our new commander-in-chief, and we need to move on and wait for the next time that we can resurface.””

    Bee did not speak about the presidential election or voice any opinions regarding McCain’s loss, and only mentioned his own campaign to thank supporters.

    “”Tonight I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their hard work,”” Bee said. Immediately after his speech, Bee left the floor to watch the election results and gave way to other speakers. One speaker was Arizona House of Representatives member Jonathan Paton.

    “”The word from Phoenix is that the Democrats’ plan to take over the House is not working, and there is a possibility that we may even gain a seat,”” Paton said, aware of McCain’s loss but not of Bee’s loss. “”When I look at the results of this election, the obvious question comes: What is the next step for this party?””

    Paton, who was elected into the House of Representatives as a Republican in 2004, went on to allude to the presidency of Ronald Regan as a way for the Republicans today to regain political power.

    “”I see a day coming when this nation will look to this party to make our government smaller,”” Paton said. “”I see a day coming when this nation will look to this party to make their freedoms bigger. I see a day coming when the ground will shake and the sky will rumble, and we will win once again.””

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