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    In response to “First female UA president, Hart honored for her service” (by Rachel McCluskey, Nov. 20):

    Great article on President Ann Weaver Hart and the other trailblazing women of Arizona.

    — Zachary Brooks

    In response to “Black Thursday deals not worth cost to retail workers” (by Andres Dominguez, Nov. 20):

    What about people who work at restaurants, movie theaters, convenience stores, etc? Why no outrage for them?

    — jsdc

    First: Thanks Andres for writing about this.

    Second: I am proud to say no one I know of would dream of camping out to buy something, (well, I take that back … maybe my 19 year old grandson in S.D.).

    Third: I just saw a news piece about how much profit Walmart made last year and how much the CEO makes. It’s obscene, to say the least, and a hallmark of why this country is in the financial mess it’s in. Corporate (and individual) greed has created so much unnecessary angst, now one more way a giant corporation can dishearten people.

    I hope shoppers stay home out of respect for family and tradition. America needs time to be together.

    — rjs12

    In response to “Israel defense warranted, but unilateral support can be dangerous” (by Jason Krell, Nov. 20):

    Nice to see someone at the Wildcat actually taking a sensible political position for once.

    For the record, Hamas firing their rockets from population centers and using the people therein as human shields is a war crime.

    — thekevinshow1990

    I agree that firing rockets from population centers could, in general, be considered a war crime. Now that you mention that, you have me thinking: the Gaza strip (141 sq miles) is smaller than the city of Tucson (227 square miles) and has over triple the population of Tucson (Gaza: 1.7 million, Tucson: 525,000).

    Are there any areas in Gaza that are not dense population centers? It is the seventh most densely populated place on the planet due to the ever-expanding Israeli occupation and apartheid.

    Now, presumably launching rockets from densely populated areas is a war-crime because you cannot easily “remotely” kill those operating the rockets without having civilian casualties. That leaves Israel with a few options, for example: remotely bombing them and going in by land. I’m not advocating for either, but simply pointing out that Israel does have options.

    Those living in Gaza likely do not have the ability to take down Israeli F-16’s with or without civilian casualties. Their hands (and feet) are tied. More specifically, Israeli F-16’s are “shooting fish in a barrel” without a chance of being shot down.

    Isn’t that the worse than shooting rockets from a population center since the Palestinians have no way, whatsoever, of stopping them?

    — Joe

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