Stoops fine after kidney stone scare

Mike Stoops

Mike Stoops

Arizona football coach Mike Stoops has never missed a game, and he wasn’t about to let kidney stones prevent him from coaching Saturday’s 48-20 win over Washington State.
Stoops did admit yesterday that he feared he would be forced to miss the game when he was treated Friday at University
Medical Center.

“”That was the only thing I could think of, and I think that made it worse,”” Stoops said.

Stoops said he felt his pain come back last night, but he kept drinking water and the pain went away.

He said he will probably see a doctor toward the end of the week. He added that he went to the hospital by his own will, and that no definitive prognosis has been made.

“”I was begging for whatever they could give me,”” he joked. “”It wasn’t a good feeling. I thought I had an appendicitis attack. It was bad. I didn’t know that could make you that sick.””

“”I’m not too fired up about going to the doctor,”” he added.

– Mike Ritter