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    Police Beat: Feb. 1

    Weed brownies lead to UMC visit

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to the Coronado Residence Hall in reference to a woman having an allergic reaction to marijuana brownies.

    The woman called UAPD Wednesday night at 10:44 p.m. to report the allergy. She said that earlier that night she bought three brownies that had marijuana in them from a man off campus for $10.

    She had eaten two of the brownies and didn’t feel well. She also claimed that her tongue had gone numb.

    The officer took the remaining brownie from her and asked if she knew where the man who sold her the brownies lived.

    The woman stated he was a student who lived in the Colonia de La Paz Residence Hall. Once another officer received a search warrant to go through the man’s dorm room, the man was placed under arrest for having illegal contraband.

    Tucson Fire Department responded to Coronado and told the woman that she needed to be transported to University Medical Center for treatment.

    The woman refused to be taken by an ambulance. A friend volunteered to drive her, but when the woman started vomiting and yelling at her, she changed her mind and decided against it.

    The officer drove the woman to the hospital, where she was admitted for marijuana ingestion. She was also cited and released.

    The extra brownie, which tested positively for marijuana, was placed into property as evidence.

    Two Code of Conduct reports were forwarded to the Dean of Students for both the woman who ate the brownies and the man who sold them to her.

    Loopy lady on the lam

    A UAPD officer responded to the Student Union Memorial Center for reports of a disorderly woman.

    The SUMC operations manager called UAPD at 5:45 p.m. and stated that he was warned by employees about a woman who had been loitering in Canyon Café for more than three hours without buying anything.

    When the manager found the woman, she was near a soda fountain dancing alone.

    She was asked to leave by the manager, but she refused. Employees then reported her in front of Chick-Fil-A yelling and crying.

    When the manager got to the food court, he said there was a group of people standing around watching the woman scream incoherently at herself.

    When the woman was informed that UAPD was on the way she returned to Canyon Café, again refusing to leave.

    A records check showed that the woman had no affiliation with the UA and she had previously been in contact with Tucson Police Department.

    The officers arrested the woman for third degree criminal trespassing and she was walked to the patrol car without handcuffs because she was seemingly cooperative.

    Once outside, however, the woman escaped from the police and attempted to hide. Officers went after her.

    She was eventually handcuffed and transported to Pima County Jail.

    Men won’t claim mysterious marijuana

    A UAPD officer responded to Hopi Residence Hall in reference to a strong smell of burning marijuana.

    The on-duty Resident Assistant Wednesday night told UAPD that at about 10:30 he could smell the marijuana coming from the west wing of the hall and identified the room where it smelled the strongest.

    When the officer knocked on the door, it was answered by two residents who agreed to allow the officer in the room to ask them questions.

    Both men claimed that they did not know where the smell was coming from and they did not know why there was an odor in their room.

    The officer noticed an unlabeled prescription pill bottle on top of the refrigerator, which contained small particles that appeared to be marijuana.

    The residents denied the officer consent to search the room and they both denied ownership of the pill bottle, claiming that they had no idea of how it got into the room.

    While speaking with both men, the officer noticed that they had symptoms of recent drug use. After being questioned about their marijuana usage, they admitted that they had smoked marijuana off campus earlier in the night. They again stated there was no marijuana in the room.

    The prescription pill bottle was placed into property as evidence and both students were reported to the Dean of Students for drug paraphernalia.

    TV leads to Facebook threats

    A UAPD officer responded to the Apache-Santa Cruz Residence Hall on Wednesday at 11:42 p.m. in reference to threats.

    A resident claimed that sometime after midnight on Jan. 25,  she was getting ready to go to sleep and asked her roommate if she could turn down the television so she could sleep.

    The roommate asked her if she was serious and also said, “”Are you going to do this every night?”” The woman claimed she would, in fact, do so, and the roommate then turned down the TV.

    The next day, she noticed her roommate had made reference to the incident on her Facebook page and that two of her friends advised her to “”kick her ass.””

    The woman also said that her friends overheard the roommate talking with her friends in the dorm room about “”kicking her ass while she’s walking to class.””

    When a UAPD officer talked with the roommate about the incident, she said that the woman moved in at the beginning of the spring semester and they have been getting along very well.

    She also said that when she made the comment on her Facebook, she had no intentions of actually hurting her roommate.

    The women who had made the comments on Facebook were also contacted by UAPD and both claimed they were just joking and would never actually harm anyone.

    The incident was documented and both of the residents have to meet with the community director of Apache-Santa Cruz and the Dean of Students.


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