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Mobile IV therapy services expanding in Tucson

Courtesy AZ IV Medics
Founded in Phoenix “AZ IV Medics” is moving to Tucson.

Arizona IV Medics, a completely mobile IV therapy company founded in Phoenix, has expanded its way to Tucson. 

The company offers IV therapy services to those wanting fast, convenient relief from migraines, cold symptoms, dehydration, hangovers, flus and more. They also provide IV services to those wanting a boost of hydration, vitamins, or even pre-game energy for athletes. The services can range from $100 to $225 depending on the type of fluid you get, according to Jonny Weber, chief operating officer of Arizona IV Medics.

Weber says a popular service is the $175 “Myer’s Cocktail,” an infusion of vitamins and antioxidants used to treat a range of symptoms and illnesses, including hangovers and fatigue.

“The Myer’s cocktail has B complex, which is Vitamin B1, 2, 3, 5 and 6, and we also have B12 in the Myer’s cocktail, glutathione, Vitamin C, zinc, and magnesium chloride,” Weber said. “All these are beneficial to your body. We all produce it, you know, we have it in our body naturally. If you’re hungover, it definitely helps. Glutathione actually is … beneficial for the liver, so it actually cleanses your liver.”

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Whether it’s hangovers or just plain tiredness, the company seems to find an IV solution. You can even inject coffee straight into your veins – well, not literal coffee, but medical-grade coffee beans infused in a saline solution. 

Weber, a U.S. Air Force veteran and now firefighter/paramedic, helped create the company in 2016 with owner Matt Heistan when they noticed a demand for the service. 

“We saw a need … when the flu goes around, food poisoning, things like that,” Weber said. “We have used it on calls and emergencies that we go to, to treat people, treat patients, and we’re like, ‘This should be a service around here,’ and we talked about it, and, you know, we’ve done that in the military, in the fire department, and they were like, ‘Let’s see how we go about this,’ so we found out what we needed.” 

To receive any IV services, the patient must also let their medic or nurse be aware of any health issues or limitations they might have for their own safety and benefit. 

Sophia Vizmanos, a registered nurse in Tucson, said IV services that are mobile can be helpful in certain cases for patients seeking treatment. 

“I think mobile IV administrations can be very beneficial in cases where the patient doesn’t need further evaluation or treatment,” Vizmanos said. “It could benefit patients who are dehydrated as a result of multiple ailments.”

While the company website explains that their services should not be seen as a sole cure to any illness, it can be used to alleviate symptoms in patients that are feeling ill.

“I would recommend they be physically assessed by a physician and only allow an EMT or RN to start and administer IV fluids. I would have them keep in mind that they should also be reassessed and follow all doctor recommendations,” Vizmanos said. 

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Jonathan O’Neil, who has received mobile IV services out of state in the past, says that he is particularly looking forward to Arizona IV Medics’ expansion in Tucson to use their services locally.

“Using a mobile IV service is great because it is so convenient, especially when you can’t or don’t want to go to the emergency room,” O’Neil said. “There are times when I’ve had extreme migraines and was just feeling horrible and I was able to get care and was feeling better quickly.”

Arizona IV Medics currently do not accept insurance but do accept major credit and debit cards, cash and health savings account cards at this time.

“When I’ve used mobile IV services in the past, I didn’t mind paying out of pocket because the prices are reasonable. I didn’t have health insurance at the time anyways, but it wasn’t an issue because I could afford the treatment prices and felt like they were worth the cost,” said O’Neil. 

For more information about Arizona IV Medics and full list of their services, check out their website or their Facebook page

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