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    5 steps to incorporating more exercise in your life

    Oh, the weight of summer is settling heavily upon us! Legs lug from trudging across the same old paths to class, shoulders are sagging under the burden of semester-old books and the only respite comes in weekend allowances of pool time, plopped on a lawn chair like a sack of potatoes.

    But alas — in creeps the worry that the more you act like a sack of potatoes, the more you will look like one; it is hard enough to keep your rear in gear, let alone to keep it looking great. That is where Lorey Pro, fitness coordinator for the UA’s Campus Recreation Department, comes in. She shares five groan-free pointers to help keep you in shape without taking much time or thought:

    Go Eco

    Skip the car and stick with the bike — or skip the bike and stick with your natural-born legs. Walking, jogging or biking to class or to run errands will keep cash in your pocket, fumes out of the air and endorphins pumping through your body. It might tack on a few more minutes to your regular routine, but you’re getting a healthy heart in return.

    Stretch it out

    Feeling tense and inflexible? Try a yoga class. It provides mental and physical relaxation through meditation and stretching, an ideal combination to smooth over and balance out a tumultuous week, cramped-up muscles and weak posture that causes unnecessary discomfort and distraction.

    Make it a date

    If you haven’t had free time between paper writing, lab-doing and test-taking to catch up with friends, make plans to take evening jogs together. Conversation will distract you and your partner and help keep you active every week. The jog will also give you a much-needed break from fact-crunching while simultaneously pumping up your energy levels to get through the rest of your to-do list. Not a fan of jogging? Try an exercise class at the Rec Center or a bike ride around town instead.

    Stay home and pop in a video (game)

    If the gym is too crowded or you don’t have time to waste trying to find a parking spot, just turn on your TV. You can stay at home and still work up a sweat — check out listings on the TV guide for an upcoming workout show or rent a few exercise videos from the library. Wii Fit can also increase your heart rate while sneaking in a space for everyday enjoyment.

    Get out there and have some fun

    You don’t need to be miserable to burn up calories — promise. All you have to do is keep your body moving. Go for a hike to see cacti blooming or try a sport you haven’t tried before. Take a pole-dancing class or join the UA’s Quidditch team (yes, there is one). Don’t just dip in the water, take a swim — do whatever tickles your fancy as long as it includes moving your limbs. This is a free pass to goof off and frolic with friends instead of spending hours memorizing formulas and who wrote what book. You will get to that later — right now you need to exercise.

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