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    “UA, Tucson to celebrate inauguration”

    The last thing the College Republicans want is to be viewed as sore losers. However, in a press release issued Jan. 16, they expressed their disappointment with UA Presents and the UA for screening the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama.

    “”The one thing that I wanted to make really clear is that we are not trying to spoil President Obama’s inauguration,”” UA College Republican President Ry Ellison said. “”We don’t object to the screening of the inauguration; we object to who is screening the inauguration. UApresents is an official entity of the university and therefore an official entity of the state, and we believe that it is inappropriate for them to be engaging in that type of political activity.””

    Ellison went on to express that after much research, he could find no evidence that either inauguration of President George W. Bush had been screened in a similar fashion.

    The College Republicans said they believe the only appropriate way to have a screening of the inauguration on campus is if it is sponsored by a political organization.

    “”We don’t want to be seen as sore losers, but when you see things on campus that are biased, we want to take a stance,”” Ellison said. “”We don’t want to cut down the Democratic Party; we want to rebuild the Republican Party.””

    While the College Republicans are offended by this alleged act of bias from the university, some students on campus believe otherwise.

    “”I think that what they are saying is inappropriate,”” political science freshman Jason Brown said. “”Regardless of your political party, this is a momentous day in history. Obama’s whole platform was to unite the country after the turmoil that occurred in the Bush presidency.””

    The College Republicans have tried to make it very clear that they are an activist organization and feel that it is their right as students to be educated in an unbiased setting.

    “”The state shouldn’t be involved in politics,”” Ellison said. “”But when it is (the) university and an entity of the university and funded by the state, it is a political event. Whether it was a Republican or Democrat being inaugurated, (the university) shouldn’t be involved in that sort of thing.””

    UA Young Democrats member Emile Gordon believes there is nothing to complain about. He sees this particular inauguration as a celebration for the whole country as opposed to President Bush’s inauguration, which he believes was as a celebration for Bush supporters.

    “”It is a state-funded event because it’s the election of the president of the United States. Personally, I think they are just trying to find something to complain about,”” Gordon said. “”Obama has such a balanced cabinet. I have no idea what the problem is.””

    Ellison stressed that the College Republicans are speaking out against bias they have witnessed on campus during the entire election process and not trying to rain on the Democrat’s parade.

    “”People in our club have brought up examples of bias in their classes with their professors,”” Ellison said. “”We are in an ongoing process of trying to provide the students with another point of view aside from what they are surrounded by.””

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