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    Just the Tips with Kat: Camming soon to a laptop near you

    Fuck Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; there’s a new sensation sweeping the Internet nation. Webcam modeling, known as “camming,” is exactly what it sounds like. Models sit in front of a laptop and take requests — ranging from topics for discussion to masturbating on camera — in exchange for money. The types of models on these sites also vary — from “college girl who needs the cash” to “experienced porn star with some free time.”

    I am definitely the former.

    I started camming live shows for my favorite BDSM studio,, at a time when I needed both money and a sexual release — even sex columnists have dry spells. At first, I considered doing traditional porn, but who has time for 15 credit hours and a trip to California to get fucked on camera?

    I spent hours combing through websites. There must be thousands of them: Recession Girlz, StreamRay Studios, Eye Candy, Enticelive — the list goes on and on. Some are state of the art. Most look like the “Space Jam” site installed a chat room function. is one of the better ones: It gives me a 60 percent payout for everything I make during a show, compared to the industry standard of 25-30 percent. is also all about BDSM, which makes my camming experience slightly more intense than most. As a submissive camgirl, I take orders from dominants who come online to watch me, talk to me and pay me for all kinds of dirty, naughty things.

    On a good day, I tie myself up, spank myself with a belt, play with a dildo, beg for permission to cum and put clothespins on myself. All of this accompanied, of course, by generous tips and praise from my viewers.

    Models — myself included — are expected to appear available, alluring, mysterious, brimming with personality and, in most cases, horny. As a sub, I love putting on shows and pleasing people simply because it’s kinky and it turns me on.

    I do shows for myself and my own gratification. Giving my viewers an erotic experience that fulfills their needs for an evening is just an added bonus, and the money is the cherry on top. Some people probably play a role or “act the part” the entire time they’re on camera, but to me, no job is worth doing if you’re not having fun doing it.

    Respect is the most important part of camming and BDSM. I have a great experience with my job because I feel respected when I’m performing: I respect my viewers with a genuine sexual experience; they respect me by paying for my performances and not pushing me too far.

    My regular viewers are users of all genders who have accounts with credit cards attached to them and a good track record with other models. I have the power to ban anyone in my chat room at any time. users have also taken it upon themselves to patrol the behavior of anons — anonymous viewers without credit cards who essentially freeload off of users. Anons log on and make absurd requests or insult models at least once or twice during a show. One of my favorite viewers says they are “amusing at best” and stands up for me and other models when an anon becomes too obnoxious.

    There are a few stellar cam sites like mine, but I have seen some with hundreds of pages of girls who ooze boredom and have a viewership of what I assume is mostly pubescent boys who stole their parents’ credit cards.

    When done right, though, camming is a more personal and interactive version of porn and a great opportunity for both parties to have fun and get off. It’s all about finding a site that you feel comfortable and respected on, whether you are a performer or a viewer. Because if no one is shamelessly cumming all over their keyboard, smiling like an idiot, what’s the point?

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