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    OPINION: Tucson’s unique style told from a car ride down Fourth Ave

    Tucson is eccentric, offbeat and unparalleled and Tucson’s style is nothing short of this. From bohemian to alternative to vintage, fashion in Tucson has it all.  To truly understand the diverse style of Tucson, one must take a drive down Fourth Ave. While Fourth Ave. is less than two miles away from campus, it feels like a different world. The assortment of restaurants, coffee shops, bars and, most importantly, boutiques and thrift stores is unlike any other in the city. If I had to describe Tucson to anyone, I would simply tell them about Fourth Ave., and all the stores that line the streets. 

    After turning onto Fourth Ave. from University Ave., the first boutique you will pass is Creations Boutique, a store that specializes in bohemian and desert fashion. The moment you step into the shop, you are reminded that you are in the heart of the Sonoran desert. The store is decorated with maxi dresses and kimonos in shades of red, orange and yellow, showcasing their love for the desert and its fashion. The boutique also stays very up-to-date on the trends that are taking over the area. 

    Next to the Creations Boutique, right off of Fourth Ave. is How Sweet It Was Vintage, a vintage clothing store that specializes in clothing from all eras. While the shop is currently only open for appointments due to COVID-19, it still adds a lively touch to the area. On their Instagram, @hsiwvintage, they have a weekly live show called “Shop Girls!” where they show off their wide collection of vintage clothes, ranging from the 1930s to the 1990s. The enthusiasm and interest this store has in all things vintage are what truly makes them stand out among the rest. 

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    Across from How Sweet It Was Vintage, is the alternative fashion store, Razorz Edge. This store gives you a glimpse of the “underground” scene that is an important but very secret part of Tucson. Music holds a major influence on the fashion in the store, just as music holds an influence over Tucson. Through music and culture, Tucson has gained its very unique style and transformed into what it is today. 

    Across the street from Razorz Edge is Generation Cool, a store featuring vintage clothing from the ’80s and ’90s. The second you step into the store you are surrounded by vintage graphic tees and jerseys. To call this store “cool” is an understatement; Generation Cool is a store unlike no other I have seen before and its unique, fun vibe is what makes the store stick out. This store is quite different from the other places on Fourth Ave., but the variety of styles is what makes Tucson special. 

    The next stop down Fourth Ave. is Hippie Gypsy. Hippie Gypsy is one of the most talked-about stores on Fourth Ave. due to the fact that it is very unconventional. With the light-up signs in all the windows and the murals across all the walls, the outside of the store is only giving you a glimpse of what lays inside. This store is the definition of “hippie”, the walls are decorated with tie-dye and tapestries and old music fills the air, fully immersing you into the culture of the ’60s and ’70s. This store is a great example of how individuality and eccentricity are placed above everything else in Tucson style.

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    Last on the drive is the Tucson Thrift Store, my personal favorite on the street. The bright walls of the store are what leads people in, but it is the wide selection of costumes and vintage clothing that keeps them in there for hours on end. The wide selection of costumes keeps the store very busy, especially around Halloween time. The walls are lined with wigs and sunglasses that can make any costume perfect. Not only is the costume selection amazing, but the wide variety of vintage clothes is also enough to transport one back in time. People who hold a strong appreciation for history will fall deeply in love with this shop. Sadly, this store is not open now due to COVID-9, but they have a great website and are hoping to open back up within the next few weeks. 

    Tucson style incorporates everything from new rising trends to appreciation for vintage clothes, and all of this is alive on Fourth Ave. Driving down the street, one is immersed in Tucson’s style. The small boutiques and thrift stores that line the street all show an immense appreciation for Tucson and the culture that is ever-so-present in the area. If you ever want to witness the heart of Tucson style, you know where to go. 

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    Payton Toomey (she/her) is a sophomore majoring in Journalism and Information Sciences and eSociety. She loves to cook and golf in her free time. 

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