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    Police Beat: Mar. 30

    Man warned for loitering on campus

    A loitering non-UA affiliated male was warned for panhandling on March 28.

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer was on patrol in the Student Union Memorial Center around 7 p.m. when he noticed a man seated on an outside bench.

    When the man saw the officer he immediately got up and rapidly departed toward the opposite side of the union.

    He rounded a corner of the building and disappeared from view.

    The officer followed him and went around the corner, but could not see the man.

    The officer was able to find him again on the east side of the building talking with a Panda Express employee.

    When he saw the officer in the food court, the man quickly left again.

    The officer asked the employee what the man was doing, and he said that the man had asked him for a cigarette.

    Later, a student told the officer that she, too, had seen the man and he had asked her for change.

    The officer finally caught up with the man in Great Clips inside of the union and asked the man to identify himself.

    He presented a “”Best Seller”” identification card from Alliance Service Company, a magazine distribution company.

    He denied attempting to sell magazine subscriptions on campus and said that he was only at the union to get a haircut.

    The officer said that he knew that he was trying to get a cigarette from an employee and money from a student.

    The man said that he did try to bum a cigarette from someone but quickly changed his story to asking to buy the cigarette from him.

    When the man consented to a search of his person, the officer found four receipts, four $20 bills and a counterfeit $20 bill in a hidden pocket.

    The officer warned the man for panhandling on campus and told him that if he was caught selling subscriptions on campus he could be arrested for loitering or trespassing.

    The counterfeit bill was placed into UAPD evidence.

    Like 20 shots later…

    An intoxicated man was arrested for minor in possession on March 27.

    Tucson Fire Department responded to the Kaibab-Huachuca Residence Hall after medical assistance was requested for an unconscious male in a bathroom.

    When the UAPD officer arrived, the student was passed out on the floor of the bathroom, half-naked with his pants down.

    The officer was able to wake him but the student was unable to answer simple questions (such as his name or where he lives).

    He continued to answer every question with the phrase, “”DBG.””

    The meaning of the letters was never determined.

    He showed signs of severe intoxication and had a very pale complexion.

    TFD transported the student to the University Medical Center.

    The next evening the officer met with the student at his residence hall.

    He said that he had been drinking alcohol at an unknown party off-campus and that he thought he consumed thirteen shots of vodka, but a friend informed him that it was more “”like twenty shots.””

    The officer cited and released him for minor in possession and forwarded a code of conduct referral to the Dean of Students Office.

    Mock border targeted

    Theft and other suspicious activity occurred around the mock border on the UA Mall on the night of March 26.

    A UAPD officer responded to the UA mall during the afternoon of March 27 in regards to a report of suspicious activity.

    The reporting party, a student coordinator for the mock border wall on the UA Mall, said that unknown subjects had removed artwork, banners and signs from the fence and cut them up.

    The various items on the wall were made and attached to the wall by unknown contributors.

    The student said that she felt the Department of Latin American Studies, Chicano-Hispanic Studies Department and Coalicion de Derechos Humanos group were targeted.

    In the opinion of the officer, some of the items on the ground appeared to have simply fallen off while others appeared as if they were pulled off.

    The student coordinator also wanted documented that an unknown subject put a hand constructed human figure on the wall.

    The effigy had black boots, green pants, tan shirt and a square cardboard head.

    Around the neck there was a sign that stated, “”I did not cross the border, the border crossed me.””

    The effigy was attached to the fence with barbed wire and the hands of the figure had nails pinned through its palms.

    No damage was done to the fence and the coordinator removed the figure.

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