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    UA alum Milloy to appear on ‘The Price is Right’

    UA graduate Brandi Milloy has worn many hats in her young life: college graduate, actress, model, beauty pageant winner and spokesperson. She will add a new feather to that busy cap: game show contestant. Milloy will be on “”The Price is Right”” today where she will compete against other contestants on the popular game show. She takes a few minutes to sit down with the Arizona Daily Wildcat and answers some questions about where she came from, where she wants to go and how she intends to get there. And a little cooking and cleaning…

    When did you graduate?

    I graduated in 2006 and majored in English and minored in journalism.

    How did you get involved with some activities during your time at UA?

    While I was in Arizona I served as a court-appointed special advocate activities mentor and helped implement a couple mentoring programs. So I was kind of juggling school and then volunteer work, so philanthropy has always been my passion. Then while I was at the U of A, I also interned at NBC News 4 and then was a columnist for the Sierra Herald for my hometown.

    Since graduating can you tell me a little about what you’ve gone through?

    I moved to Chicago. … My dream was to work with Oprah Winfrey and instead I had the opportunity to be on her recent primetime reality show called “”Oprah’s Big Give.”” … I made it to the top three and she sent us back to our hometown, so I went back to Sierra Vista and did my own little Big Give. I finished as a female finalist and won $100,000, which I was able to give away to different charities and different organizations that I support. So that was a completely life-changing experience, and now I’ll be doing global giving with a couple organizations I am affiliated with like U.S. Doctors for Africa and Can-Do, which is a disaster relief organization.

    How did you get to be involved with “”The Price is Right?””

    (My roommate) Cameron Johnson and I wanted to go to “”The Price is Right.”” … It’s such an American tradition and I so badly wanted to go and wanted to be part of that experience, so I put on my U of A jersey … and we waited in the morning and then we had to go back at noon and then waited another four hours. … You literally have 30 seconds to tell them a little bit about yourself and why you’re deserving to be on “”The Price is Right”” … and why you would be a perfect contestant. I don’t even remember what I said.

    Tell me about the organizations U.S. Doctors for Africa and Can-Do.

    What’s great is Can-Do is a direct outcome program … and I use the computer as a virtual volunteer so people who donate money can see virtually where they’re giving. (Can-Do founder Eric Klein) has started projects in Rwanda. … U.S. Doctors for Africa is pretty simple; it’s an organization that sends U.S. doctors to different regions in Africa and provides free services. … I’ll be going February to volunteer.

    Do you feel it’s important for young people to get involved with volunteering so they can influence other young people?

    Absolutely. My mission is to represent young people, to mentor young people and show that we can give back. I feel like so many young people wait until they’re older or they’re retired or they feel like they don’t have time to do anything like that because ‘I don’t have the money.’ … But when I was a senior at the University of Arizona, I was serving as a court-appointed special advocate activities mentor, volunteering at a high school … and what I tell people is volunteering should never be a chore. If it is, then you’re not finding the right niche because giving is pretty selfish and, I mean, anyone will tell you that. … Find something you enjoy and are passionate about and use that to give back.

    What are some of your hobbies when you’re not donating time?

    I just took up skateboarding. I played basketball, soccer and volleyball all through high school. I actually had a full soccer scholarship that I could not take, because I had several surgeries to correct the scoliosis in my back. … I have a nephew named Max who is my life. … I love cooking, baking – I’m like a 1960s housewife – I like to cook, clean and do laundry.

    Do you think your past experiences, going with what you had to do about your back, made you a stronger person?

    I was diagnosed with scoliosis on a Friday afternoon, went to a hospital in El Paso, and got fitted for a back brace, and went back to school on Monday and was completely a different person. Kids were knocking on my back because I had this bulky, ugly back brace, and kids were knocking on it and I couldn’t carry a book bag anymore. … It was just hard and I was teased and bullied, but I found solace in playing sports. … Now I’d love to be a counselor for young girls who are going through the surgery. You know, it’s hard enough being a 13-year-old girl, you know, being self-conscious of your body, but if it wasn’t for what happened to my back, I would have never ever tried to compete for a pageant. … So when I speak to children, it’s so true (that) when one door closes, another opens.

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