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Mailbag: Nov. 12

Daily Wildcat fails to report on big Tucson stories

I picked up a copy of the Wildcat on Tuesday, expecting to see the lead story be a UA student killed in an early morning car accident, but instead I get “”UA opens bike share program.””

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen the Wildcat get scooped on a story. The story about the student killed was all over the local TV news and in the Star. If the Wildcat bothered to do their job of reporting the news instead of worrying about some frat who stole a bunch of papers, then they would’ve known about this.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time this happened. A few weeks ago you had a former football player on trial for rape, in which Coach Stoops was called to testify. Where was the story? Your sports department needs to figure out that being a sports reporter is not all about games stories and feature stories. They need to write about the negatives of the sports teams, which means following the courts.

As a campus newspaper, the Wildcat could be the No. 1 source for news about the UA campus. In fact, the TV stations and the Star should be looking to the Wildcat for stories. But instead the Wildcat is continually getting its butt kicked by its competition and it’s no wonder why the paper is starting to lose credibility.

Chris Raschke


Props to Daily Wildcat comics

Ever since I began attending the University of Arizona, I’ve been continually let down with the regular comics that are in the Daily Wildcat.

When I first started here, I was glad to see that the paper gave a few students the chance to showcase their talents through the daily comics. However, when I actually read the comics, I was thoroughly disappointed, finding little or nothing that made me laugh or even smile, and after a few weeks, I stopped reading the comics altogether. Then, a few weeks ago, I took a glance at the comics for the first time in a while, and came across Joe Tullar’s comic. And I laughed.

While other regular comics of the Wildcat simply muse on the everyday life of a typical college student, or merely fail to provide any humor whatsoever, Joe Tullar seems to have come up with actual jokes with hilarious punchlines for his comic. Joe Tullar has some great talent, and I applaud the Wildcat for picking up his comic and hope to see many more of Joe’s comics in the future.

Paul Gordon

Psychology sophomore

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