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    Mail Bag

    Olson’s retirement looks different in light of his stroke

    This is to all the people on campus that have been bashing Lute Olson for his retirement over the last few days before knowing the full situation.

    Especially Tom Knauer, who wrote on Monday, “”Whatever his true rationale for retiring Wednesday, he is a son of a bitch for the way he held this program hostage over the last year,””(“”Spread the blame for UA hoops chaos,”” Oct. 27, 2008). After hearing the news that Lute had a stroke, I would have to say that in fact you are the son of a bitch, Tom. I hope you sufficiently feel like the jackass that you are.

    You would think the man that built this program basically from the ground, led us to 24 straight tournament appearances, four Final Fours and a national championship would receive a little more respect from the UA community. I don’t know how you can live with yourself after writing that article; I know I for one would have some trouble sleeping at night.

    Best of luck to you, Lute. Thanks for the memories, and I hope for a speedy recovery. Arizona basketball won’t be the same without you.

    Adam Kempa

    undeclared sophomore

    Abortion a poor solution to population problem

    A copy of the Daily Wildcat made it to one of the break rooms at the office where I work. I’m a married father of five children, one of whom is a UA student. You’ve stated your views on a controversial topic (“”The case for abortion: a modest proposal,”” Oct. 27 2008)and you’ve said you expect to get lots of replies – maybe angry ones. This reply won’t be one of the angry ones. Instead, it’ll be some views from someone who’s been around for a bit and seen some things that might interest you and those who feel as you do.

    Abortion is legal, it’s true. But the “”legal”” status of an action doesn’t necessarily mean that certain conduct is wise or desirable behavior. It’s not illegal to flip the bird gesture to someone as you drive past them in your car – even if that person was driving like a fool. It’s not illegal to get falling-down drunk to the point of losing your last meal – even if you have a designated driver to get you safely home. It’s not illegal to gamble away the total amount of your next paycheck – even if you’re of age to join in with “”gaming””. It’s not illegal to max out your credit cards on buying clothes or other nice things.

    But are any of these forms of behavior a good idea, ever? You be the judge.

    When you’ve been around for a while, things start to look different. I don’t know anyone over 30 who smokes who doesn’t also wish they could find the willpower to quit. I don’t know anyone who was prone to get into fights when we were in our teens who hasn’t settled down a bit since. Most guys I know who used to ruin the engine in their car by street racing just don’t do that kind of thing anymore. Call it mellowing with age, if you like.

    An abortion is an act similar to those described above. It’s a quick fix response to deal with a crisis situation. Abortions have lasting effects on all parties involved and, as I think you said in your article, they shouldn’t be done lightly, if they’re done at all.

    You mentioned the need to have fewer people living on the planet. It was especially true for women not to give birth to unwanted children. I know there are a lot of advocates for these lines of thinking. Some of them hold prestigious positions in academia, media or the government. Some of them may even be your professors now. Don’t buy it. These kinds of people have been selling that brew since I was in high school (in the early ’70s). It just isn’t true, yesterday or today. Nor will it be true tomorrow. If you check the statistics you’ll find that all industrialized nations have falling populations ðð- most of them only grow by immigration these days.

    The only places on earth where starvation happens on a large scale are those where free market practices are banned. Free people tend to look after each other and help one another as we do in this country. Abortion is one of the poorest ways of dealing with population growth – it ranks right along with war at the bottom of the barrel in this regard.

    Finally, most people I know find the most joy and happiness in their lives in the relationships they build with other human beings. The most enduring and fulfilling of those relationships come from family ties – to parents, a spouse, siblings and children of their own. When someone has an abortion it throws major roadblocks into those relationships.

    I commend you for having the courage to speak your mind on this important topic. I hope you’ll take this letter as helpful feedback from a peer. I write this reply not to condemn but rather to share an experience or two from the road of life. Maybe this note can help you or someone you know avoid a bump or two along that road.

    Eugene Wager

    Tucson resident

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