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    Police Beat: November 8

    Bags baked and ready to go

    Two University of Arizona Police Department officers cited and released four students after finding them with five containers of alcohol and 12.9 grams of marijuana near Euclid Avenue and Lester Street at 1:20 a.m. on Nov. 4.

    The officers noticed the men driving in a black BMW X5 down Tyndall Avenue, as one man leaned halfway out of his window and screamed at a woman on the sidewalk. The woman ignored him and the car accelerated quickly toward Sixth Street, changing lanes several times. One of the officers clocked the vehicle going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone from Mabel Street to Drachman Street, so the officers initiated a traffic stop.

    As one officer approached the vehicle, he heard glass clinking and noted the smell of marijuana, as both windows on the driver’s side of the car were down. The officer asked the four men inside, who were all UA students, to exit the car and sit on the curb.

    The students told the officer they were coming from an off-campus house, but did not know its address. Two of the passengers showed no symptoms of intoxication, while one had bloodshot eyes, and the other glassy eyes and a flushed face.

    At this time, one of the officers noticed a black bag in the backseat of the car containing a half-full handle of vodka, a quarter-full fifth of whiskey and a half-full fifth of Sour Apple Pucker, among several other open containers. The officer also found a small amount of marijuana shake on the driver’s floorboard, and a clear bag of marijuana under the seat.

    The officer arrested one of the men on charges of minor in possession due to the smell of alcohol on his breath and the open alcohol containers in the car. The man denied this claim, saying the officer couldn’t smell his breath because he’d never faced him. The officer skipped questioning, but cited and released the man.

    The driver, who showed no signs of intoxication, was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana. He told officers it wasn’t his, saying he was unaware it was in the vehicle and that he frequently let his friends drive his car. The officer said that the marijuana on the driver’s side floor and the strong odor in the car didn’t comply with this claim.

    The alcohol was then emptied in the dirt, and while throwing away the bottles, the officer discovered an opened Ziploc bag under the vehicle that contained marijuana. The bag could have come from the right passenger side of the BMW, but the officers had not seen any of the men drop the bag.

    The marijuana found under the driver’s seat weighed 12.9 grams, and was filed into property as evidence, in addition to the Ziploc bag, which had no proof of an owner.

    The perfect place for a nap

    A UAPD officer arrested a woman on charges of minor in possession after she locked herself in a Manzanita-Mohave residence hall bathroom stall at 5:20 a.m. on Nov. 4.

    When the officer arrived, a resident assistant escorted him to the fifth floor bathroom, where a UA student had locked herself inside for 30 to 40 minutes. Student Emergency Medical Services personnel were already at the scene, and they told the officer the woman was lying in front of a shower stall when they arrived.

    The woman exited the bathroom in a towel, and the officer asked her to put clothes on to talk.

    The woman smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes and a flushed face. EMS evaluated the woman, noting that all her vital signs appeared normal. The student admitted to taking five shots of vodka earlier at an unknown house off-campus. She told police she was sleeping in the bathroom because her roommate had her keys and hadn’t returned home yet.

    The student was cited for charges of minor in possession and released.

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