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    Police Beat: Sept. 29

    Quadruple MIP

    Four UA students were arrested on Friday for minor in possession.

    At 12:45 a.m., a University of Arizona Police Department officer reported to the area of Mountain Avenue and Speedway Boulevard after receiving a reference of a woman who was stumbling down the street. When he approached her, he saw that she was having difficulty walking as she was accompanied by two other women and a man.

    The four students identified themselves with driver’s licenses. All of them had a strong odor of alcohol coming from their breath, bloodshot eyes and swayed as they spoke with slurred speech.

    The students told UAPD officers that they had been drinking at a fraternity somewhere north of campus. A preliminary breath test confirmed the presence of alcohol in their systems. The group took a taxi home, and were all referenced to the Dean of Students.

    Trouble breathing

    Tucson Fire Department notified UAPD dispatch after they received a call to assist an intoxicated woman at a sorority on campus on Friday.

    At 1:19 a.m., a UAPD officer was dispatched to the sorority house because a woman was having trouble breathing. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the woman, who was complaining of chest pains and problems with her breathing. While the two spoke, the officer detected a strong odor of intoxicants on the woman’s breath. Her eyes were also bloodshot and watery.

    The woman told the officer that she had had a few drinks earlier at a nightclub and soon after started feeling sick. One of her sorority sisters had picked her up at the club and brought her back to the sorority house. The woman refused to tell the officer who had bought the alcohol for her.

    Tucson Fire Department checked the woman’s vitals and transported her to University Medical Center for further medical assessment. She was later cited for minor in possession, and a code of conduct was forwarded to the dean of students’ office.

    Beer pong leads to MIP

    Three UA students were arrested on Friday for minor in possession after Tucson Fire Department notified dispatch that they were responding to a reference of an intoxicated woman in the Coronado Residence Hall.

    At 1:19 a.m., a UAPD officer went to the dorms after someone reported an intoxicated woman stumbling away from the front door. When the officer arrived and made contact with the resident assistant on duty, he was escorted to the room where two women and a man were.

    While the officer spoke to the three students, he noticed that their speech was slurred and their eyes were red and watery. When the officer asked one of the women, who was lying down, what she had been drinking, she refused to answer. She stated that they were at a friend’s house playing beer pong, but she would not tell the officer the name of her friend.

    Tucson Fire Department checked the woman’s vitals and decided that she needed to be transported to University Medical Center for extreme intoxication.

    The UAPD officer cited the two other students for MIP and released them. Then he went to UMC and cited the woman for MIP.

    Indecent exposure

    An unknown man was seen masturbating in an alleyway behind a sorority house on Friday.

    At 6:51 a.m. a UAPD officer went to the sorority after receiving a reference of a naked man at the back of the residence. The officer spoke with a woman who had seen all of this happen. A housekeeper at the sorority said that it started when she was sitting in her car behind the sorority house before she began her shift at 6 a.m. At approximately 5:45 a.m., she noticed a young white man come from around the corner of the building and run past her car. The man then ran down an alleyway. The woman continued getting out of her car and approached the back door of the sorority, from which she had a clear view of the alleyway that the man had run down. When she glanced down the alley, she saw the man standing there completely naked, except for his shoes.

    The woman said that the man was carrying his clothes in his left hand and was masturbating with his right hand. She told the officer that she was able to see his penis. The man did not seem to be looking at her but was spinning around while he masturbated.The woman did not think about reporting the incident, but after telling the house mom what had happened, she was advised to do so. The woman said that she did not feel victimized by the young man’s actions. She told the officer she would also be able to help identify the man and would be willing to do a composite sketch.

    The officer checked the area where the male was masturbating and did not notice any bodily fluids left by the man.

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