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    U.S. Senators

    Jon Kyl
    Incumbent Democrat
    Illegal immigration: Voted no on establishing a Guest Worker program (May 2006). Voted no on allowing illegal aliens to participate in Social Security (May 2006). Voted no on giving Guest Workers a path to citizenship (May 2006).

    Education: Voted no on $52 million for “”21st century community learning centers”” (October 2005). Voted no on $5 billion for grants to local educational agencies (October 2005). Voted no on shifting $11 billion from corporate tax loopholes to education (March 2005). Voted no on spending $448 billion of tax cuts on education and debt reduction. (Apr 2001) Rated 18 percent by the National Education Association, indicating anti-public education votes (December 2003).

    Taxes: Voted yes on permanently repealing the “”death tax.”” (June 2006) Voted no on $47 billion for the military by repealing capital gains tax cut (February 2006). Voted yes on extending the tax cuts on capital gains and dividends (November 2005). Voted yes on $350 billion in tax breaks over 11 years (May 2003). Voted no on increasing tax deductions for college tuition (May 2001). Voted yes on eliminating the “”marriage penalty”” (July 2000).
    Abortion: Voted yes on banning partial-birth abortions except for maternal life (March 2003).

    Employment: Voted no on raising the minimum wage to $7.25 rather than $6.25. (March 2005).

    Jim Pederson
    Illegal immigration: Would force the federal government to take responsibility. Would provide more resources for border enforcement.

    Education: Plans to increase student aid and expand the GI Bill and AmeriCorps.

    Taxes: Would cut the payroll tax.

    Abortion: No opinion stated.

    Employment: No opinion stated.

    Richard Mack
    Illegal immigration: Would decrease the number of legal immigrants allowed into the country. Would establish English as the official national language. Would stop all government “”freebies”” or handouts to illegal aliens.

    Education: Would abolish the Department of Education as Ronald Reagan suggested and leave education at the local level, where it belongs.

    Taxes: Would eliminate the arts, education and welfare taxes. Would decrease agriculture, defense, environment, law enforcement, homeland security, international aid and medical research taxes/budgets.

    Abortion: Would prohibit public funding for abortions and organizations that advocate or perform abortions.

    Employment: Would eliminate all federal programs designed to reduce unemployment. Would reduce government regulation of the private sector in order to encourage investment and economic expansion.

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