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    Police Beat

    Student cited for minor in possession

    A student was cited and released on charges of being an underage person with spirituous liquor in his body at 2:21 a.m. on Tuesday outside of Jett’s Wildcat Gas Station. Police saw the student stumbling in the parking lot as he attempted to walk toward an unoccupied cab. When he was confronted by the cab driver, he stumbled away, almost falling to the ground twice while walking to Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall.

    Police stopped to question the student, who gave them his identification. The student smelled strongly of intoxicants, had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. While police questioned the man, he swayed back and forth, apparently unaware of his motions.

    He admitted drinking to police, saying, “”I had a little to drink tonight. I guess it was too many beers ’cause I can’t remember.””

    He was transported to the Manzanita-Mohave Residence Hall after he was cited and released.

    UA employee finds drug paraphernalia

    A facilities management employee contacted police at 7:54 a.m. Wednesday after finding a sunglasses case containing drug paraphernalia.

    Police were dispatched to an electric box between the Forbes Building and Herring Hall after the employee found a sunglasses case containing a glass marijuana pipe and a Bic lighter.

    The owner of the pipe and lighter are unknown. The case containing the pipe was put into evidence while the blue lighter was disposed of.

    Man arrested on trespassing, intoxication charges

    Police responded to a man trespassing and drinking in public at 8:46 a.m. Tuesday. They observed the man drinking alcohol out of a beer can while sitting on the steps of McClelland Hall. After making contact with the suspect, a records check revealed that the man had an outstanding warrant for his arrest by the Tucson Police Department for failure to appear on drinking in public charges. He was placed under arrest for drinking in public and trespassing. After he was cited, he was released and advised to leave campus.

    Later in the day, the same man was arrested on charges of sleeping in the Park Avenue Parking Garage. When police approached the man, he smelled heavily of intoxicants and was lying on the concrete walkway, asleep. When asked how much he had to drink, he showed officers an empty 40-ounce bottle of Steel Reserve malt liquor.

    The man said he could not remember if he had made contact with the University of Arizona Police Department earlier that day. Police served him a University of Arizona Exclusionary Order that excludes him from UA-owned or controlled property for six months or longer due to illegal, threatening or disruptive behavior.

    He was arrested and transported to a public detention center downtown, where he was booked on criminal trespassing charges. The man has also had 73 previous police contacts. In two of these cases, he had been warned about trespassing on university property.

    Police: Two custodians possessed marijuana

    Police were called to the Cherry Street Parking Garage to investigate two women smoking marijuana in their car on the first floor at 11:00 a.m. Tuesday. An employee of the parking garage said that two women wearing red custodial work tops got out of the car when he approached the vehicle. The employee smelled the marijuana while doing a garage check. The woman in the passenger seat sprayed air freshener in the car while the driver lit a cigarette and began smoking it. Both women then walked away after seeing the garage employee.

    When police arrived, the employee showed them that they could see a small bag of marijuana on the center console of the car. Police ran a check on the owner of the vehicle, which showed that she was a custodial worker on campus.

    Police were dispatched to her location of work and escorted both of the women they suspected back to the car. Police questioned the suspects who denied smoking marijuana at first, but admitted to it after police discoveredthe bag still in the car. Police searched the car, finding the baggie of marijuana and two “”marijuana cigarettes”” rolled up in tin foil.

    Both were cited and released on charges of possession of marijuana and were also told that the matter would be handled through Facilities Management administrative channels on campus.

    Knives found in residence hall

    Police responded to a call regarding possession of weapons at the Sky View Residence Hall Monday at 11:37 p.m.

    A residence assistant called police after one student had complained that his roommate had a butterfly knife and switchblade in their room. When police knocked on the door, the student allowed them to enter and he was questioned regarding the weapons. He admitted to having them and turned them over to police.

    When asked if those were the only knives he had, he said yes. The student also said that the knives were a personal collection, and they were used for nothing else. He was referred to the Dean of Students Office, and the knives were placed into property at UAPD.

    Man arrested on charges of extreme DUI

    A man was arrested on charges of extreme DUI early Sunday morning.

    Police say they pulled the car over after seeing it driving at a high speed down Campbell Avenue while drifting into other lanes without signaling. The driver did not notice the officer, and the officer was forced to use horn blasts, which still did not get the driver’s attention. Eventually, the car slowed down.

    After the police officer approached the vehicle, he noticed that the driver had bloodshot, watery eyes, smelled of intoxicant and was perspiring heavily from his face. When asked if he had been drinking before he got into the vehicle, he responded, “”I am not going to lie to you, officer. Yes, I have been drinking.”” He was asked to get out of the car, and did so while using the door frame to support him while standing.

    Standardized field sobriety tests were administered to the driver, who proved to be intoxicated. The student was arrested, and the passenger was told to call someone else to pick her up.

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