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Online comments from Feb. 9

On ‘UA: An honorable history of divestment,’ Feb. 4

As a UA alum (2001), it makes me proud to see the continuing principled activism on campus. There was nothing happening on campus back then to support Palestinian human rights and freedom, so I’m happy to see the progress you all are making. There is nothing anti-Semitic about criticizing the Israeli government’s policies of occupation and brutal militarism. So, if you disagree with the author’s perspective, why not make an argument rather than baseless accusations? What is happening in Palestine/Israel is one of the most pressing global questions of human dignity and freedom today. The growing movement to challenge Israeli apartheid through boycott and divestment is a key strategy to getting closer to dignity and freedom.

— Sonny


On ‘Students protest gun resolution,’ Feb. 4

So, since when does the second amendment end at the boundary of any campus? Imagine the outrage if free speech were limited the same way. The right to bear arms cannot be infringed on. Gun free zones DO NOT prevent any criminal committing a crime. Perhaps when there is another shooting at a school the victims should sue the offending school for violation of their rights to defend themselves.

— Colyork  in Maine

Have any of you noticed that when you walk into a bank you never see a sign “”no firearms allowed””? It is because the bank knows it is a great deterrent to robbery when a robber never knows who may be carrying a weapon. The legitimate normal person is not a problem when it comes to guns, it is the criminal who is the problem. How many school massacres have occurred because the shooter was the only one armed? The Ft. Hood massacre happened because military personnel are not allowed to carry arms on base, so only the shooter was armed.


Here is the real issue — We alone are responsible for our own safety. Period! If the university does not allow you to protect yourself, I suggest you ask them to sign an agreement that they are now fully responsible for your safety since they want to take that right away from you. The police will do their part to catch someone after you are raped or robbed or mugged or even killed, but they will not take responsibility for your safety. You alone are responsible for that and don’t ever forget it or you may well suffer the consequences.


Years ago when I boarded a plane all I had to do was show my concealed carry permit and inform the stewardess I was carrying a loaded handgun. She would say thanks for informing me and there never was a problem or a hijacking. Hijacking came after they no longer allowed us to defend ourselves. Can you imagine 9-11 happening if even one passenger had been armed? As the old saying goes, “”When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.””

— Jim J

Particularly with campus carry, there is much discussion about what’s wanted by the majority of students or faculty. But at some level — an increasingly relevant level — people will point to the fact that the right to bear defensive arms is not subject to the democratic process. The right to bear arms is not guaranteed as long as a majority approves. There are some things that are simply beyond the majority to decide, and this is one of them. That is the nature of rights.

— Carl from Chicago

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