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    “On the Spot: Isa Borane, art history sophomore”

    I just noticed that you are watching some dance videos on YouTube. Tell us about who are you watching and why.

    I am actually watching Laura Edwards and I think she is really inspiring as a choreographer and I wish that Tucson and U of A would come up with more opportunities and innovative ideas for hip-hop dancers.

    So you are a dancer yourself?

    I am. I am not a dance major but I am a dancer.

    Same here, dancers at heart. OK, so does it really bug you when you go to a club or a party and there are girls there that think they can “”dance”” when in reality they are just shaking around?

    I actually feel really strongly about this because I feel that some people just like to pose and think they are dancers. But really, you have to have the heart for it.

    Dancing is nothing without the heart and the soul.

    Girl, it is a lifestyle.

    So I’m assuming you’ve heard about the new contemporary classes taking place at the Rec?

    Oh, I will be attending them, probably every week so I need to get my pass.

    I personally go to the Monday night hip-hop and let’s just say it completes my week.

    Wednesday night hip-hop with Josh Claravall, he should work there forever, just saying.


    He is real talented. OK, what did you think of the VMAs? Who was your favorite performance?

    I mean, Usher is the ish. Usher, like, he’s the ish. Usher. Hands down.


    What were your thoughts on Justin Bieber and when he busted out the drums? I personally was a bit confused,  yet I was surprised and excited.

    Biebs can drum, Biebs can dance, Biebs can sing. Not really a fan of Biebs.


    So you don’t have that Bieber fever?

    No, definitely don’t have the fever for Bieb.


    Lady Gaga?

    I think she is the leader of a cult and she needs to be gone. She is weird.


    People actually say that Jay-Z is the anti-Christ but I think it’s leaning more towards Gaga, to be honest.

    Jay-Z is absolutely amazing and Gaga is the anti-Christ and I fully support that, fully support.


    Please, please, please tell me you also previewed the new episode of “”Jersey Shore”” last night?

    Of course, it was thrilling, to say the least.


    Chelsea Handler, did you think she was too offensive?

    I’ve read every single one of her books and will support her until the day I die. Chelsea Handler all the way. Chelsea Handler for president.

    – Caroline Nachazel

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