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    Fast Facts

    For 20 years, after her death, Joe DiMaggio arranged for fresh roses to be sent to Marilyn Monroe’s crypt in Westwood Memorial Park three times a week.

    When Kurt Cobain passed away, his widow, Courtney Love, had trouble finding a cemetery that would accept his remains, as all were fearful of the amount of vandalism that might occur on the site.

    The name of the palomino that played TV’s Mr. Ed was Bamboo Harvester. The talented equine was said to be able to open doors, untie knots and pick up a telephone.

    Research done in 2003 by Harvard Medical School shows that men who regularly eat hot whole-grain cereals, such as oatmeal, lower their risk of cardiovascular disease by 17 percent.

    The structure depicted on the cover of the Eagles’ 1976 Hotel California album is on Sunset Boulevard; it’s the Beverly Hills Hotel.

    While trying to develop a spring to stabilize submarine instruments, Richard James knocked one off a shelf and watched it “”walk”” down to a table top, inadvertently inventing the Slinky.

    While it lessened the sturdiness of the jeans, the rivets were eventually removed from the back pockets of Levis due to complaints that they were causing damage to chairs and sofa.

    In the book “”The Wizard of Oz,”” the slippers worm by Dorothy were made not of rubies, but of silver.

    In trying to make kitchen cleanup easier for his wife, John Hammes invented the garbage disposal in 1927. He named the device the “”InSinkErator.””

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