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Mailbag: Nov. 23

Pro-vegan article deceives readers on farming practices

I am writing in regard to the letter to the editor on Nov. 19 titled “”Pro-vegan story encourages healthy, considerate eating.”” If being a vegan is your lifestyle, that is fine, but please don’t spread lies about the animal agriculture industry. I am a fifth-generation farmer, and have sent some of my own livestock into the marketplace to be bought by consumers. I can proudly say that I, as well as other farmers and ranchers, treated my animals with the utmost respect. Whether it was raining or shining, Christmas or my birthday, those animals were all taken care of properly before I would go on with my day. Farmers and ranchers work hard every day to ensure that they provide a safe, healthy food supply for our country and our world. With regard to your thoughts on factory farming, over 97 percent of farms are family owned and operated. Please take a walk with a real farmer and rancher and you will see that they care for animals and crops as they do their own family. So instead of reprimanding the American farmer, let’s give them thanks for putting food on our table and clothes on our back.

Melissa Turner

Agriculture business and animal science sophomore

Football fans used poor judgment in rushing the field Saturday

Saturday was one of the worst days in Arizona Wildcat football history, but this embarrassment had nothing to do with the team’s play.  They took the best team in the Pac-10 down to the wire in regulation.  Unfortunately, some members of the Zona Zoo don’t realize how time works and decided to rush the field with 31 seconds left.  (Hint: 31 seconds is plenty of time for Oregon to score and make you look like a jackass on national television.) 

There is absolutely no good reason to be on the field before the clock reads 0:00.  The best-case scenario is that you look silly and premature in victory.  The worst case scenario we witnessed at the game on Saturday.  Oregon became re-energized afterward and ended up winning the game.  If you were on the field on Saturday, do the real fans a favor and stay away from sporting events.

Dave Rich

Electrical engineering senior

Wildcat fans an embarrassment at football game

In the wake of Saturday’s “”Temple of Doom”” loss, during which the Oregon Ducks ripped out the still-beating hearts of Wildcat faithful, I have but a few thoughts. First, nothing good comes to mind when the word “”premature”” is involved — celebrations are no different. The students who rushed the field when the game was in doubt lacked even a rudimentary understanding of the situation, not to mention good sportsmanship or a general humanity. I would rather play blackjack with a black cat in my lap than head to Vegas with cursed charms like you. Finally, to the filthy animals who thought it was a good idea to throw objects at the Ducks and their cheerleaders, I hope you’re arrested. What a shame on our fine institution. Even LeGarrette Blount thought it was classless. “”Tempe State”” fans mocked us as lowbrow, and when that happens, frankly, it’s probably rock bottom.

Oscar Borboa

Class of 1984


Zona Zoo, fan behavior atrocious and embarrassing

To the idiots who jumped the fence and preemptively rushed the field or otherwise made asses of yourself Saturday night:

Are you people freakin’ kidding me? Thanks to you, we are a national laughingstock. Anyone who actually follows football — or any sport, for that matter — knows that the game is not over until the clock reads :00. While clearly you are not responsible for the loss that cost us our very first Rose Bowl berth, you must take responsibility for making us look like fools on national TV. Kirk Herbstreit even announced during the game while there was footage of you idiots jumping over the railing that “”they better be careful”” because there was so much time left on the clock. Hell, we of all people should know that the game isn’t over until it’s over, and freakish things can decide the outcome in split seconds (see Immaculate Deflection vs. Washington, illegal forward pass vs. California). And you think victory is assured with over a half-minute to go? Let me remind you that we were up a possession against Stanford with less than a minute to go and we needed an incredible defensive stop with little time left to seal that game. Nothing is over until it’s over.

Even worse than making us all look arrogant by presupposing an imminent victory even though we were up by only one possession with 38 seconds to go and the opposing team in our red zone, was how you made us look in handling defeat. Apparently, an Oregon cheerleader was taken to the hospital after getting hit by a projectile thrown into the Oregon cheering section after their win. Do you think they are undeserving of their 2OT win or something? Are you bitter about the Rose Bowl slipping out of our fingers? Regardless, what makes you think it’s OK to berate or denigrate them for it, let alone physically assault them? Not to mention, PEOPLE THROWING STUFF AT OREGON AND OUR OWN ZOO SECTION WAS CAPTURED ON NATIONAL TV.

If you read the comments on or other sports sites, all the comments are about how classless and arrogant Arizona fans are. We may no longer be the joke of Pac-10 football, but we sure act like it. If you’re asking for a reason why nobody takes Arizona football seriously outside the Pac-10 (or even in the conference), there’s one of them. The few times we get national exposure, you assholes make all of us look like assholes.

You all make me ashamed to be a part of the Zoo. You should be ashamed of yourselves, too. Way to represent your school.

Clayton Chu            

Aerospace engineering senior


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