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    Police Beat: Feb. 16

    Student checked in to mental health facility

    A male UA student was checked in to the Southern Arizona Mental Health Corporation on Sunday around 4 a.m.

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to the Manzanita-Mohave Residence Hall about a report of a resident cutting himself.

    The officer arrived at 3:04 a.m., as the student was resting his head against the wall and appeared to be crying.

    Another resident was comforting the student when the officer arrived.

    The resident had been friends with the student for a while and did not know what was wrong with him.

    The resident went to the student’s room to talk and noticed that the student was holding his left wrist with a paper towel that had a small amount of blood on it.

    At that time, the resident assistant walked into the hallway, noticed the blood and called UAPD.

    The student told the officer that he had cut his wrist with the knife from a Leatherman tool.

    The officer went to the room and retrieved the knife after the student’s friend pointed out where the Leatherman tool was.

    Earlier, the student was lying on the bed and appeared to be asleep, the friend said.

    The friend left for a while and returned to find the student standing in the hallway. The friend had never heard the student mention anything about wanting to cut his wrists or any expression of a desire to self-mutilate.

    The officer contacted the Southern Arizona Mental Health Corporation.

    The student told the mental health professionals that he did not want to kill himself at the time but wanted to speak to someone about his problems.

    The mental health staff reported that the student was voluntarily going to their facility.

    The officer then suggested that the student follow up with Counseling and Psychological Services at Campus Health Service to seek additional treatment.

    The officer released the student into the care of the Southern Arizona Mental Health Corporation and placed the Leatherman tool into UAPD property for safekeeping.

    Two cars, one crash

    Two non-UA affiliated drivers were involved in a car collision at the intersection of Speedway Boulevard and Park Avenue on Sunday at 12:04 a.m.

    A UAPD officer was on patrol and noticed a car, traveling west on Speedway Boulevard, failing to slow down for a red light.

    At the same time, another car was going through the green light on Park Avenue.

    The car on Speedway Boulevard failed to stop in time for the red light and impacted the second car on its front bumper.

    The driver of the first car said he failed to notice the red light because he was busy looking at his car’s GPS unit.

    The two drivers exchanged information as the officer cited the first driver for failing to stop at a red light.

    The two parties were uninjured and left the scene.

    Student caught with pants down

    Two female UA students urinating behind Parker House Residence Hall were cited for minor in possession on Sunday at 12:27 a.m.

    A UAPD officer on patrol on First Street saw two people crouching down on the east side of the residence hall.

    One of the students stood up and walked a few feet away from the building.

    The officer noted that the student appeared to be fully clothed while the other female had her jeans and underwear around her ankles, while continuing to urinate.

    The officer asked the student to explain what the two were doing.

    The student said she was simply waiting for her friend.

    The officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol from the student’s breath and that she had watery eyes and slow speech. The student was swaying from side to side while standing.

    The officer continued to talk to the student, who continued to deny consuming alcohol. Yet she refused to “”prove [her] innocence”” by submitting to a breathalyzer test.

    He was then cited for a minor in possession.

    The other student told the officer that, while still naked from the waist down, they needed to use the bathroom and couldn’t wait.

    The officer noticed that the second student also had a strong odor of alcohol on her breath.

    The officer asked for the second student’s identification but she said that she had forgotten it inside the residence hall.

    The officer retrieved it from Parker House and issued the second girl a citation for minor in possession.

    Both students were also referred to the Dean of Students Office for code of conduct violations.

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