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    Police Beat: Jan.22

    Student steals steak, is arrested

    On Jan. 19, a UA Police Department officer was called to Highland Market on the corner of Highland Avenue and Sixth Street at 12:42 p.m.

    The manager of the market called UAPD after she noticed a student walk out of the store with a steak without paying for it.

    The Beef Boneless New York steak, weighing .43 pounds and worth $3.61, was being held low against the man’s leg in an effort to be concealed.

    The manager confronted him once he left the store, and the man asked if he could just pay for the steak without police involvement.

    The manager stated that the UA would like to prosecute.

    When the officer questioned the student about the incident, he said that he took the steak and did not pay because the line was too long and he did not feel like waiting. He stated again that he would like to pay for the steak.

    He was identified by a California driver’s license and placed under arrest. He was given a copy of his citation and then released. Highland Market staff requested that the student be warned of trespassing in the future.

    The Code of Conduct was read and the incident was reported to the Dean of Students.

    A copy of the receipt for the steak and video footage of the store were placed into UAPD property as evidence.


    Former student denied grade change

    On Jan. 19, at 1:37 p.m., a UAPD officer responded to the Center for English as a Second Language in response to a former student being argumentative.

    The officer spoke with two faculty members who said the student wasas being disruptive and was refusing to leave the building.

    One of the staff members told the officer that the man received a failing grade last semester and was therefore unable to continue this semester in his program.

    The man had been trying to get his grade changed from failing to passing and had been told to submit a written request to her office, and then she would schedule a time to meet with him.

    He showed up to her office at 1:15 p.m. without an appointment and demanded to meet with her. She told him once again to submit a written request and to leave her office.

    Another former teacher was also trying to get the student to leave and told the officer that the student’s behavior had already been reported to UA legal services the previous semester.

    The woman did not want to press charges but wanted the man out of the building.

    The student was issued an Exclusionary Order for six months, and photos of him were taken, as well as former e-mails. The photos and the e-mails were placed into property.

    Egging cars? So high school

    A UAPD officer was performing a garage check of the Main Gate parking garage on East Second Street at midnight when a man flagged him down.   

    The man, who was identified by an Arizona driver’s license, had been attending the Sabino High School formal dance at the Marriot Hotel at 9 p.m., and, when he returned to his car, he found it damaged.

    More than a dozen eggs had been thrown all over the windshield and right side of the car. Also, the front right tire had been slashed and was completely flat. The paint was also damaged because of the egg yolk.

    He told the officer of a person who could have possibly committed that crime. The suspect also goes to Sabino High School and is currently dating the man’s ex-girlfriend.

    The two men have had problems in the past and the suspect was not at the dance that night.

    The officer called the suspect who said that he was at a friend’s house with others all night and had heard about the incident from his girlfriend but was not involved.

    He said that he was currently on unsupervised probation and would not vandalize a car, which would onlyget himself into more trouble.

    The owner of car said he would like to press charges against whoever is found guilty.

    Victim’s rights were requested, and the car was left in the garage overnight until the tire could be fixed. Photos were taken and placed into evidence.


    Too drunk to get arrested

    A UAPD officer responded to the Alpha Delta Pi sorority house at 2 a.m. on Jan. 16 in response to a case of extreme intoxication.

    The officer found the woman passed out in one of the common rooms, and, after Tucson Fire Department could not wake her, she was transported to University Medical Center.

    Members of the Alpha Delta Pi house told the officer she had been out drinking earlier but did not tell the officer where.

    She had been vomiting and smelled strongly of alcohol.

    The woman was not cited at the time because she was unconscious but the officer stated that another police officer would arrest her when she could understand what was being told to her.

    She will be cited for Minor in Possession, and the incident was referred to the Dean of Students.

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