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    “On the Spot: AJ Gluck, optical engineering sophomore”

    You’re wearing a rugby tee-shirt; are you on the team or just reppin’ the t-shirt?

    I am on the team. It’s my first year. I play lock which is a forward, kind of like a football linebacker kind of thing.

    So basically you know how to pop, lock and drop it on the field?

    We don’t do much dancing on the rugby field.

    What is the scariest part about being on the field?

    Nothing. What’s scary about it? It’s a game.

    What is the scariest aspect of your life, any scary moments?

    My car started to float away today in a river on the road. It sucked; I thought I was going to die.

    So what did you do?

    I just waited for the traction to start up again after screaming for minutes like a little girl.

    Have you seen the movie “”Taxi”” with Queen Latifah?

    I freaking love that movie.

    Don’t you wish your car could be lifted like that in situations like the one you just described?

    Nah, I like my car how it is. I have a Volkswagon GTI.

    Would you trade that in for the Batmobile?

    Who the hell wouldn’t trade their car in for the Batmobile?

    Do you consider yourself more the Joker or the Dark Knight?

    The Joker, I guess.

    Why? Your face is not green.

    Not today. I didn’t think about putting makeup on for this interview. But seriously, I don’t take things seriously very much.

    Have you ever stabbed yourself with a pencil?

    A couple of times, yes.

    In class, or where?

    While I was driving — it’s not funny; it went in to my eye, which is why I am cross-eyed now. Well, being cross-eyed is an optical illusion. I would know; I am an optical engineer.

    What do you plan on doing with an optical engineering degree?

    Solar panels or something, and lasers, and lenses and telescopes. I really have no idea what I want to do.

    Are you going to come up with some kind of modern day light-saber?

    I guess …

    If you had a light-saber, what would you be doing with it right now?

    Unspeakable things.

    — Caroline Nachazel

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