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ASUA candidates reflect on their campaigns and are hopeful during general elections Tuesday and Wednesday

As the Associated Students of the University of Arizona campaign season comes to a close, 10 candidates gear up for the general election that is underway, and await the poll’s closing on Wednesday, March 2 at 8 p.m.

For videos from the ASUA presidential debate, click here.

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Presidential Candidates

Mikey Finnegan: “I think it went really well. I got to meet a lot of students and get out and hear a lot of different ideas from everyone on campus, so I think that’s the best thing you can have when you’re running a campaign.”

Going into the election, Finnegan said he feels good about the preceding process.

“Hannah [White] is a good competitor and I’m excited to see what the final results show. I feel like I did really well in the primaries, but I hope to do even better in the general election. I’m hoping to make some records here.”

Hannah White: “I’m really confident in what I’ve put out and I can say that it’s my best and that I’m proud of what I’ve done.”

Going into the election, White said she feels both excited and nervous.

“I’m excited because a lot of people did not expect me to get this far, so it’s exciting to have made this stride. But also, I’m nervous because I really want this. I genuinely care about this campus and this school, so I want it.”

Executive Vice President Candidates

Trey Cox: “I feel about as good as I can feel at this point. I think I’ve done everything I can do in my power to do my best out there, but at this point we’ll just see how it goes on Tuesday and Wednesday.”

Going into the election, Cox says he feels better now than he did at the beginning of the campaign season, and has been focusing on his platforms.

“After the debate, campaigning for two weeks, and getting people to know my platforms, and why I’m running, I feel a lot more confident now than I did two weeks ago.”

Stefano Saltalamacchia: “I know that when the clock strikes 8:00, that I won’t be disappointed in myself. I think that I’ve done everything I could have done with the amount of resources and the amount of time. I’m proud of myself and I know that the people who support this campaign are proud. In the end, I think we’re going to be happy that we made it this far.”

With the first day of the elections already underway, Saltalamacchia is proud that he left everything out on the floor.

“I feel confident in the work that I’ve done. I do however think that if all 40,000 plus students had the opportunity to meet me, that I would definitely be the number one choice and I say that with the up most confidence.”

At-Large Senatorial Candidates

Trinity Goss: “I think my campaign went well. I had a lot of support. It was really nice when I’d be walking on the mall and people would say, ‘Oh hey, I saw your poster and I support you,’ which I guess is a little bit of proof that I reached a good amount of people.”

Going into the election, Goss has some nerves, but remains sure of her campaign.

“In the polls, I came in fourth and there’s three positions, so that kind of heightens my nerves; but I do feel confident.”

Lorenzo Johnson: “I feel like my campaign went great, it definitely has helped integrate my passion to make positive change at the University of Arizona. It’s definitely been a test for me in regards to time management and pushing me all the way through.”

Going into the election, Johnson said he feels good and remains hopeful that his lead in the primary elections carries on to the general.

“The primaries looked pretty good for me and I hope that the results say the same.”

Matt Lubisich: “I think it went pretty well, I think I got my name out there. I did well in the primaries, but primaries aren’t indicative of the general election, but I was really glad with how much work I put in.”

Going into the election, Lubisich is “confident”, but feels as though he has more work to put into his campaign.

“I still need to talk to some clubs and get my name out there because in the general election, more people come out to vote from all different parts of campus.”

Shanna Nelson: “I think my campaign went really well. The goal of my campaign was to help affect people in their everyday lives in a positive way with my platforms, so I think I’ve shown that I’m capable of doing that and that my platforms are obtainable within the next year.”

Going into the election, Nelson believes in her efforts and her campaign, and hopes that her platform as a senator resonated with students.

“I think we have a lot of work ahead of us but as I continue to make my platforms heard and prevalent on campus, I think I have a really good chance.”

John Oliver: “I think my campaign has a lot of momentum right now and a lot of steam going forward and I’m excited to see what happens on Tuesday and Wednesday.”

Going into the election, Oliver said he’s sure that he’s got what it takes to make a change.

“I’m confident that the students will see that I have the leadership skills and I know exactly what to do to make sure problems are solved.”

Joey Steigerwald: “I think it went pretty well, I think that the Q&A debate was interesting, listening to other candidates’ ideas, and getting to talk about some of mine.”

Going into the election Steigerwald is nervous, yet excited for the results to be announced.

“I think I have some pretty cool ideas and I hope that people agree with me and think that I’m fit to serve another term as senator. I’m not super worried about it but I’m anxious to see how things go.”

Candidates Running Unopposed

Administrative Vice President: Tatum Hammond

College of Education: Anna Reimers

College of Fine Arts: Kincaid Rabb

College of Science: Matthew O’Mara

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences: Enrico Trevesani

Eller College of Management: Roy Bracken

College of Public Health: Jonah Soble

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