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    Pulse of the Pac

    Changing definitions of ‘free speech’ in Facebook age”
    by Shane Theodore

    Last week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ruled that the pages you “like” on Facebook are considered to be protected speech under the Constitution.

    The line between free speech and hate speech is one that is incredibly blurred, but in reality nothing is going to change. It’s up to us to be rational and to keep the irrational in check. If we see a hateful tweet or post, call the sucker out on it.

    In person, only so much speech is permitted, but on the Internet it’s tough to hold such people accountable. We have to take a stance to promote free speech and discourage hate speech.

    The State Press
    Arizona State University

    Full article here.

    “Tenure is vital to academic freedom”
    by Josh Waugh

    By securing a scholar’s position against unfounded dismissal, tenure allows academics the freedom to criticize their own employer (the state, for example). This criticism is necessary for pragmatic reform. If insiders can’t call out issues and faults within a system, that system will never improve.

    Similar to how whistleblower protection laws help keep us safe from dishonest organizations and safeguard those who alert us, tenure keeps universities and schools safe from institutionalized bigotry and corruption.

    It was important in the past, it is important now, and it will be absolutely vital as we continue into the future.

    The Daily
    University of Washington

    Full article here.

    “Russians don’t deserve to host Olympics”
    by Dominique Wald

    The Olympic Games are a time of unity and pride in one’s country. For those living in Russia, however, that might not be the case.

    According to the Washington Post, activists are outraged that Russia will host the 2014 Winter Olympics in response to a recently passed bill which imposes anti-gay legislation.

    The bill, which Russian President Vladimir Putin signed in June, prohibits nontraditional sexual relationships among minors, effectively isolating gays and lesbians from Russian society.

    Last time I checked, a law which prohibits people from acknowledging homosexuality is one of the highest forms of discrimination, and Russia should suffer the consequences.

    The Daily Evergreen
    Washington State University

    Full article here.

    “iPads prove useless in the classroom setting”
    by Valerie Yu

    Last week, the Los Angeles Unified School District launched its $1 billion tablet initiative in an effort to give an iPad to every student in the district, according to the Los Angeles Times. In the digital age, it is undeniable that tech competency is important, but too much reliance on technology, such as the iPad, could lead to children devaluing the presence of paper and pencil. New technology is updated and outdated in a flash, but a book doesn’t change overnight — there’s a reason why we’ve been using it for thousands of years. Nothing is wrong with the old textbook, pencil and paper.

    The Daily Trojan
    University of Southern California

    Full article here.

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