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    Wee hours beckon breakfast burritos

    A typical person eats three meals a day: Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

    For college students, it’s not that simple. Chaotic schedules can merge breakfast with lunch, cancel dinner and turn a human diet into one big potluck buffet. Weekend stress relief complicates things even more, and a new meal has evolved from the late night munchies.

    What better example of this can be found than the king of midnight meals, the breakfast burrito?

    One o’clock in the morning is too late for dinner, too early for a full blown breakfast, but just the right time for sleepless Wildcats to eat, and a hand-held breakfast highlights the nocturnal menu.

    Nico’s – Unless facing imminent starvation, just go to sleep.

    1855 E. Fort Lowell Rd.

    The crispy, loosely wrapped tortilla almost immediately fell apart. A fishy smell overwhelmed the nostrils before my taste buds even had a chance. The bacon, egg and cheese burrito was lacking the bacon and eggs and it felt like eating dry, cheesy potatoes enclosed by a giant chip. Not a lot to brag about here.

    Jack in the Box – Processed food will get revenge in the morning.

    934 E. Speedway Blvd.

    It smelled American before the wrapper came off. Neatly layered meat covered with grease-dripping cheese and eggs like fluffy yellow clouds screamed fast food. The warm tortilla was withered from time spent in the warmer. This burrito somehow managed to avoid Southwestern influence and tastes like a typical all-American breakfast. Like most fast foods, the side effects outweigh the satisfying taste.

    Los Betos – Worth staying up for a few extra minutes.

    914 E. Speedway Blvd.

    A tortilla wrapped so thick it was pastry-like and potato domination kept this cheesy tube of cholesterol from the top spot. The burrito lacked flavor because it barely contained enough bacon and eggs to be noticed. However, adding an extra kick of hot sauce turned a bland snack into an addicting meal.

    Los Alazanes – Fills you up for a week. Plan accordingly.

    2553 N. Campbell Ave.

    This monster smelled authentic. A crispy, fried tortilla securely held loads of bacon and eggs. The ingredients tasted fresh and there was no grease pool. The burrito was a little dry, but hot sauce took care of that. It may take a little longer to eat, but this burrito turns late night snacking into a feast.

    And the students say…

    Spending an hour at Los Betos on a late weekend night is an experience in itself. Who knew the early hours of a Sunday morning could be so entertaining.

    “”I’m wearing a sad face only because there’s no more burrito.””
    -Paul Vazquez, systems engineering junior

    “”If you’re blacked out, it’s delicious.””
    -Allison Markus, psychology senior

    “”God made this burrito.””
    -Brendan Snyder, biochemistry & molecular biophysics junior

    “”It’s just so filling.””
    -John Granatell, undeclared sophomore

    “”This is OK for drunk food.””
    -Bina Gold, psychology senior

    -Grant Becker, journalism senior

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