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Donald Trump Jr. rallies in Tempe for father

Alex McIntyre
Donald J. Trump, Jr., son of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, speaks at a rally in support of his father’s campaign on the ASU campus in Tempe on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016. He announced that the candidate would visit Phoenix again on Satuday, Oct. 29 before the general election on Nov. 8.

Donald Trump Jr. talked about what he called a corrupt system and being a young person in today’s politically correct world at the Sun Devil Recreation Center on Thursday, Oct 27.

“When we look at the problems that we have as a country, it’s you guys, it’s the millennials that are going to get stuck with them,” Trump Jr. said. “It’s time to drain the swamp.”

The Republican presidential candidate’s son attacked the system and said it misleads and manipulates young people. He said that college campuses want everyone to look different, but to think the same. The people that came to the rally came to talk about the system that has failed them, according to Trump Jr.

“Young people just want free stuff,” said Don Derglund, a baby boomer from Phoenix. “It is not a reality, they have to realize that there is nothing wrong with working.”

Trump Jr. repeated a lot of the things his father has been saying throughout his campaign. He said his father didn’t need to run, but he wanted to because he saw what has happened to this country and wanted to make a difference.

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Trump Jr. pointed to corruption in the government system and said most politicians are only looking out for themselves and their friends. He said people have known for a long time that politicians are corrupt, but what really bothers him is the lack of democrats that are concerned by this.

“What almost upsets me more is that there are all these problems and so few people on the other side actually care,” Trump Jr. said.

He claimed our country is more concerned with hurting the feelings of people from other countries that want to wipe us off the face of the earth than caring about our own safety and well-being right here at home.

“And that too has got to stop,” Trump Jr. said. “And that will stop, because this is a great country and we have the opportunity to end all of this.”

The thing that surprised him most was all the people that have told him they’ve never voted before, but decide to vote for Trump. After spending some time personally involved in politics, Trump Jr. said he now understands why they feel that way. He claimed Americans have only been able to vote for politicians that have failed them.

“We have the opportunity to get in there and actually have someone who is going to deliver on a promise,” Trump Jr. said. “Someone who is talking about job creation, who has actually created jobs.”

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Hillary Clinton came to New York as a Senator and claimed she would bring thousands of new jobs, but she never created any, according to Trump Jr, and that there were in fact less jobs when she left New York. Trump Jr. said it’s not her fault because she’s never been in a position where she had to “sign a paycheck,” and that she has never had peoples’ livelihood depending on her success.

“We need someone who can do that and my dad’s the guy that can do that,” Trump Jr. said.

This isn’t a campaign anymore, according to Trump Jr. It’s about changing America for young people and our kids.

“We’ve been failed by both sides,” he said. “Both sides have been failed.”

Speaking to young people, Trump Jr. said that after they graduate, they’ll be living on the streets if they run their houses or businesses the same way the government runs things. The type of people that are in power right now, according to Trump Jr., aren’t concerned about whether or not students have jobs when they graduate.

ASU student Brandt Pierce said Trump Jr. made a lot of good points for millennials.

“He stressed the points that his father makes and this is what young people need to hear,” Pierce said.

Trump Jr. urged the crowd to vote and announced that his father would be speaking in Phoenix on Saturday.

“Get your friends to vote,” Trump Jr. said. “And thank you, we are going to make America great again.”

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