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    Student turnout an embarrassment

    You asked for a better ticket policy. You asked for the chance to go to every Arizona basketball game. You complained that the people who really want to go games couldn’t because of the random lottery system.

    But then you failed to show up.

    You failed to live up to your end of the bargain, and you failed to prove that the new ticket policy, which went up in price, but not in effectiveness, will solve some of the problems the student ticket policy has had in the past.

    “”I would have like to see a higher student turnout,”” said Zona Zoo director Michael Huston, who added over 400 student tickets were sold.

    Although the rest of McKale Center was relatively full, the student section was embarrassingly empty for Arizona’s game against Team Georgia. Students who showed up at 11:40 were able to sit in the fifth row and not have to worry about elbow room because there was no one sitting next to them. The upper level of the student section was almost devoid of any student representation at all.

    Sure you’ll come out to the game against North Carolina in droves, paint your bodies and profess your love for the basketball team. You’ll brag that your Arizona’s No. 1 fan, screaming obscenities at opponents and have a better time than a teenager at the Playboy Mansion.

    But if it was up to me, you wouldn’t get a sniff of the inside of McKale Center. That’s because my ticket policy would involve earning your seat behind the band, instead of believing that it is your right to put your butt in that chair.

    Anyone who doesn’t attend either of the exhibition games would be excluded from having a chance to go to the North Carolina game unless they had a valid doctor’s excuse, a signed pardon from President Bush, or were busy spending two hours of their Saturday curing cancer.

    Huston, who was not part of the decision-making process but “”supported the decision to come to the current policy because it’s the best policy,”” said he would consider other options including a point system where students would be rewarded for attending certain events.

    I share Huston’s sentiment when he said, “”I’d like to see students take advantage of the opportunity they have.””

    Because if you can’t come out and support a top-10 team that hasn’t missed the NCAA Tournament since you have been alive in its first game against someone beside itself, then do you really deserve to buy tickets over someone who shows up at every exhibition, Red/Blue game, and scrimmage but can’t fork over the hundreds of dollars it will take to see North Carolina blue even with binoculars?

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