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Mailbag: Dec. 3

Streets near UA need repairs

What is it with this school? Is it poor or something? Can’t they manage to pay to get the flooding situation fixed? We pay good money to come to this school. They can’t use some of the millions they make from us to get the crappy street fixed? Every time it rains the streets get flooded and it’s hard to get anywhere without getting soaked because of the flooded streets. I had just bought new shoes and it rains the very next day, now they are ruined. Is the UA going to pay for every pair of shoes that gets ruined? No, I don’t think so. Stop wasting money on things that are not of any importance.

Here is another suggestion: Maybe when the flood situation is repaired, if it ever gets repaired, fix these crappy streets as well. Hey, all I can do is give my opinion. It’s all up to the school to fix this problem that has just been ignored, probably for a while now. It’s time to wake up and realize that this is a major problem. I’m just surprised that no one has said anything about this to the school. It is a nice school; we can at least make the effort to make it even better. I just hope that the word gets to the people that really can make a difference.

Oscar Lopez

Pre-business undergraduate

Menorah lighting ceremony brought together community

I give much appreciation to the University of Arizona Jewish community. They were able to make the first night of Hanukkah here at the UA special for me and shaped my Jewish experience here in Tucson. I am a freshman pre-business student. I am the only Jew in my wing of my dorm and it was tough scrambling around my dorm looking for someone to go to the lighting ceremony. It was really special because it reminds me of home and it makes me think back to my traditions at home. It brings together the Jewish community of the university, which made the 12-foot menorah even more beautiful than it already is. The lights were shining bright on the Mall and display(ed) to the rest of campus that there is a Jewish community and we are here. Also, much appreciation to Rabbi Yossi Winner for leading the wonderful service on the Mall.

L’Chaim! And have a happy Hanukkah!

Steven Rubin

Pre-business freshman

Wrapping up the semester

It is about that time of month. Finals are in two weeks, and everyone gets to go back home to their family and friends. Everyone is so excited to be back in their beds and eat home-cooked meals that they just want these two weeks to go by fast, which they never do. It is crunch time for UA students. This is the time where professors tend to really put the pressure on students and explain our finals. Kids are getting loaded with non-stop work and still need to start to prepare to study for finals. It is very time-consuming to fit everything in and get work done. Since UA students are so overloaded with work, half the time they do not even know where to begin. Some students like to procrastinate all of their work until the last second, and others like to get it done and over with ahead of time. Kids are stressing about if their grades are decent and if they are doing well in school. It is very hard to stay focused and committed when there are kids around you 24/7, as well as events always going on. The ASU vs. UA football game (yesterday was) a very big deal. Another major event is that Hanukkah was at sunrise (on) Dec. 1! Happy Hanukkah to everyone who celebrates the holiday! Students have Christmas to look forward to or just going away with the family. Most kids are just anxious to be back home and get their finals over with and hope that they do well. Hopefully these next two weeks go by fast and everyone gets done what he or she needs to get done and hope they all do well! UA students, we are almost done with first semester!

Blair Berman

Undeclared undergraduate

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