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    Pulse of the Pac

    While we’ve been discussing ignorance about the dangers of prescription drugs, living with infidelity and the legality of drug testing welfare recipients and college students, the rest of the Pac-12 has been delivering opinions on sexual encounters in an automobile, the development of internet slang in the real world and overwhelming stress. Take a look at what the Pac-12 has to say:

    California, The Daily Californian

    “Car sex, by definition, is already sexy. Yes, the space is a lot tighter, but there seem to be many delightful advantages to having sex in a motor vehicle. I see the headrests not so much as hindrances but more as leverages … Inside the microcosm of a car, shortcomings and mistakes are overlooked. Awkward silences are replaced by the slapping of moist skin against steamy windows and hot groans from a new bruise. You go in expecting to exit with a battle wound or two, so you usually play more rough than usual. There are fewer pressures to strip entirely naked — although doing so is always welcomed. Because of the limited space, understated positions are played out thoroughly. There is always that possibility of getting caught or seen, and this risk intensifies how much you want the other person at that very moment. The entire affair, from making out to finishing, is sexy, dangerous and daring.”

    — “Sex on Tuesday: Longing for simpler times” by Soojin Chang

    University of Southern California, The Daily Trojan

    “Rather than a sign of deterioration, internet slang is a sign of evolution in the English language … Love it or hate it, it’s a thing, but not necessarily a bad thing. Internet slang might seem like the downfall of English. I’ve heard many professors complain about the way abbreviations and excessive lowercase letters slip into our essays. Perhaps Internet writing is not appropriate for the classroom or the workplace right now, but one day, it will be. Dictionaries and style guides make languages seem like static entities. In fact, the evolution of language is very alive. They just take longer to grow.”

    — “Internet slang a sign of evolution” by Maya Itah

    Utah, The Daily Utah Chronicle

    College is stressful. It’s as plain and simple as that. In 2005, the National Survey of Counseling Center Directors reported that 154 students committed suicide because of stress-related causes in the previous year. So here comes my big question: Does that extra line on your resume really determine whether or not you get accepted into graduate school or get hired for a job? Yes. But we must not fixate on it to the point of taking on more than we can handle.

    Over-active students are over-stressed students. As amazing as human beings are, our bodies and minds can only handle so much at a time before it comes to the point where we can’t continue, or start to perform at poor quality. That extra line on your resume won’t do you any good if you can’t perform well … It all comes down to proper time management and knowing your limits. Don’t just assume you’re a superhuman who’s capable of ultimate greatness without sleep and sanity. It just can’t be done.”

    — “Don’t submit to extracurriculars” by Chloe Nguyen

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