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    In response to “In college, don’t hurry to find Mr. Right” (by Nathaniel Drake, April 16):

    Great article! Right now should be a time to be selfish, but in a good way, by determining one’s likes or dislikes in another person by dating or seeing other people’s relationships. The problem, however, is people don’t date anymore. Some see it as too expensive or others see it as no point since their goals include other means rather than finding a partner to share their life with.


    In response to “Spring Fling isn’t biggest carnival of its kind, but could improve if moved back to UA campus” (by Dan Desrochers, April 15):

    It amazes me that the Sam Hughes people feel this way. You’re telling me that you are not willing to sacrifice 4 days of noise compared to a whole semester of football tailgates that are far louder and rowdier? What a joke!


    Great article, love everything about it. And the Sam Hughes people should go away. You live near a university campus. This is what you signed up for.


    In response to “Reports: Grant Jerrett might leave for NBA” (by Zack Rosenblatt, April 16):

    Thanks for the memories. Bye now.

    —John Alexander

    Damn he’s my favorite. Dumb move considering what he could become. Wish he’d been played even more, though.


    I don’t get it? If he leaves now, good chance he does not get drafted. He stays, he will be better next year, be on a National Powerhouse team and improve his draft stock. He is nowhere ready for the NBA. Hope he likes playing in Greece or Italy!!


    Might be hard to improve your draft stock if you don’t get any minutes.

    —DR (in response to Wildcat95)

    If he leaves now, he gets paid.

    —johnson (in response to Wildcat95)

    OMG, Jerrett are you for real? You have done well for the time being, but heading to the NBA right now I think would be a huge mistake for your career. I realize the difficult decision but remaining would be the best for your long term career. I hope you stay, Jerrett.


    That would really be a shame. He’d serve well to play off the another season, and perhaps jump into the starting lineup as a junior. Not anywhere near NBA-ready, although an almost 7-foot spot up shooter with some more college experience might do some damage at the next level.


    I wonder if there is more to it. We have had so many transfers since [Sean] Miller took over. Is it Miller? If I were Jordin Mayes and Angelo Chol I would transfer. I mean you make one mistake and you’re out of the game while others could do no wrong. Mayes should have been our starting point guard and now won’t start next year. Miller destroyed his confidence which he didn’t get back till late in the year. Chol should have played more and on most teams would have been a force. Don’t blame Grant at all for thinking about leaving the program. I would rather play in Europe and see the world. And can we please play more than one defense! It seems to have worked well for Louisville and Wichita State and other teams that went far.

    — qbert

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