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    Best of Police Beat

    A man was arrested on multiple charges at the UA Main Library, 1510 E. University Blvd., at 8:47 p.m. April 19.

    At 8:07 p.m., an officer approached the man at the library regarding theft of his bus pass. He said he was on the first floor of the library and had gone to the bathroom, leaving his wallet in a bag.

    When he returned, he said he saw his ex-wife dig through the wallet and steal the pass. He followed her out of the library and watched her walk away.

    He said he did not have a way to get home, and the officer gave the man 95 cents so that he could catch a bus home. The man left the area traveling westbound.

    At 8:41 p.m. the man called the University of Arizona Police Department and was verbally aggressive. He said that he had no way to get home and was yelling “”What do you want me to do, sleep on the fucking concrete?”” according to reports.

    The officer met the man on the north side of the library and told him he needed to find a way home. The man became upset, saying his ex-wife had called his mother and that she would not come for him.

    The officer again told the man to find a way home, and he began yelling, “”Fuck you!”” and flipping him off, according to reports.

    The man was told to calm down, and he turned around, threw his wallet at a window and turned back with his hands clenched in a threatening manner. He continued to yell, “”Fuck you!”” according to reports.

    The officer drew his Taser, activated it and pointed it toward the man, who then sat down. The officer explained to the man that he had to leave the campus.

    The man requested to make a phone call to his mother and ask for a ride. The officer allowed the man to stand and use a pay phone.

    During the conversation, he became upset because his mother said she would not come get him. He slammed the receiver down and started yelling again.

    The officer said the man needed to leave. The man yelled, “”Fuck you!”” while walking toward him with his hands up and clenched his fists, according to reports.

    The officer reactivated his Taser, and the man began yelling “”Come on, come on”” while shaking his fists, according to reports.

    After several commands for the man to turn around, he did so and placed his hands against a window.

    He was handcuffed and taken to Pima County Jail.

    While the man was being searched, a bus pass was found in his pocket.

    A man was arrested for refusing to give his true name while being detained for lawful investigation and was served with a warrant at 12:50 p.m. March 29.

    An officer was dispatched to the UA Main Library at 12:36 p.m. regarding an irate patron.

    Prior to the officer’s arrival, a police aide had observed a similar-looking man walking toward the Student Union Memorial Center, 1303 E. University Blvd., and then proceeding to the Psychology building, 1503 E. University Blvd.

    The officer made contact with the man at the building and asked him, “”Hey, how’s it going?”” according to reports. The man stared at the officer and the officer then asked “”Can I talk to you for a moment?”” according to reports.

    The man asked, “”Why are you talking to me, officer?”” and the officer told him that they had received a report of someone matching his description getting upset in the library, according to reports.

    The man interrupted the officer and began yelling words the officer could not understand. At that point the man became very agitated, flailed his arms and refused to sit down at the officer’s request.

    The officer retrieved his Taser and when the man saw the Taser he said, “”Oh no, you are not going to tase me! You arrest me!”” according to reports.

    As he said this, he turned away from the officer, put his hands behind his back and walked backwards towards the officer so that he could handcuff him.

    The officer handcuffed him and told him that he was being detained while he told him what happened inside the library.

    When the officer asked the man his name he said, “”You don’t need to know that, I didn’t do anything wrong,”” according to reports.

    The man continued to refuse to identify himself and was placed under arrest under the name John Doe. Upon arrival at the Pima County Jail, the man was identified and a records check showed he had a warrant issued by the City of South Tucson Court for failure to appear.

    The man was booked for both charges.

    After contacting the reporting party from the library, the officer was told that prior to calling the UAPD, two patrons of the library complained that the man was disturbing them, telling them to “”shut up”” and being loud and boisterous, according to reports.

    When the employee asked the man to move to another workstation, the man began yelling that it was a black thing and said, “”When we rise up, we’re going to hunt you down and I’m coming for you!”” and “”This is a nigger thing, isn’t it? You’re going to pay!”” according to reports.

    The employee said he does not want the man back in the library.

    A man was arrested for breaking into a car at Sky View Apartments, 1050 E. 8th St., between 3:18 a.m. and 3:43 a.m. March 25.

    While doing a security check of the complex at 9:20 a.m., an officer noticed a gray Jetta with its front passenger window broken out.

    The vehicle’s owner came up to the officer during the examination and said her iPod and its car adapter had been stolen from inside.

    She provided the serial number for the iPod and said she would want to press charges if the perpetrator was found.

    The officer looked at the sidewalk where videotapes showed a man standing by the vehicle between 3:41 and 3:44 a.m. The officer noticed dark red spots that created a trail leading to the front door of a house at 315 N. Park Ave.

    At 11:47 a.m., the officer and two other officers saw a man leave the house and enter his truck. Two of the officers approached him and asked if they could ask him some questions.

    The man agreed and added that his cousin was inside. He agreed to let the officers talk to them both inside.

    The man woke his cousin once he was back in the house. When he rose from the covers, the officers saw that his hands and wrists were wrapped in a black cloth one of the officers had seen on video.

    He also had fresh cuts on his hands and wrists.

    The same officer noticed a tan rag on the living room table that appeared to be covered in dried blood.

    The cousin was arrested after the officers interviewed both men.

    The car’s owner was notified of the arrest.

    Two men attempted to rob a pair of female students at gunpoint in front of the Chi Omega sorority house, 1420 E. First St., at 2:45 a.m. March 3.

    The students, both members of the Arizona women’s club lacrosse team, had parked in front of the sorority house upon returning from a tournament in California.

    Both students exited the car and the driver went to the trunk. After she opened it, a man came up from behind her, put a hand over her mouth, slipped an arm around her waist and pushed her to the ground.

    At about the same time, a second man came up to the passenger and pointed a shotgun toward her face from about three feet away.

    Both men asked the students for money. They said it was inside the car, and the man who pushed the driver to the ground got in the vehicle and drove away.

    The second man slowly backed away toward a black sport-utility vehicle. He got in and drove away after the first man.

    Police found the student’s car unoccupied near the intersection of North Mountain Avenue and East Hampton Street. The two men have yet to be found.

    A man exposed his penis to three women at Robson Tennis Center, 900 N. Martin Ave., March 8.

    When an officer arrived, the women told him they were playing tennis on the northwest court when an unknown man stuck his penis through the fence and asked if he could play.

    The man then began to masturbate with his right hand while walking around the west side of the tennis court.

    He drove away in a silver Chevrolet Silverado, going southbound on North Campbell Avenue. The vehicle’s license plate number is unknown.

    The women stated that they did not want to press charges and just wanted the incident documented.

    Two men were arrested at the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority house, 1071 N. Mountain Ave., for disorderly conduct Feb. 15 after they were involved in a fight inside of the house’s kitchen.

    An officer was completing paperwork in his vehicle in the alley west of the house on North Mountain Avenue when a woman flagged him down.

    She said she was with her husband who had just been assaulted by the sorority house’s chef. Seconds after the woman flagged him down, the officer saw a man walking between several parked cars bleeding from his head and mouth.

    The man had a cloth pressed against his forehead. The officer requested a second unit and medical assistance for the man.

    The man said he was there to pick up his wife from work. There had been a verbal confrontation between the man’s wife and the chef earlier in the day while they were at work.

    When the man entered the house, the chef armed himself with a broomstick in anticipation of a fight and approached him. The man said he only came to the house to pick up his wife and did not want to fight. The chef came closer to the man and pushed him in the stomach. The man then swung and hit the chef in the mouth with his fist and took away the broomstick.

    While the chef picked up another stick, the man used the broomstick and hit the chef in the head.

    The chef said he was in the kitchen working when the man came to pick up his wife, approached him and said, “”Call me a bitch,”” according to reports.

    He said the man’s wife put her hands on his face and when he swatted them away the fight began. The man’s wife is in the Air Force and was in uniform when the disorderly conduct occurred.

    The chef and the man’s wife were told not to return to the sorority house until they had received permission from the house mom.

    The men were cited and released.

    A man was arrested at a bus stop at 1630 E. University Blvd. on charges of assault, indecent exposure and criminal nuisance March 11.

    An officer was called to the area about a suspicious person. When he arrived he recognized the man described.

    When the man saw the officer, he attempted to run from the area but appeared to be physically impaired. When the officer spoke with the man, he had the odor of an intoxicant on his breath, bloodshot, watery eyes and slurred speech.

    When the officer asked for the man’s identification, he showed the officer a Tucson Police Department citation he had received as a form of identification.

    When the officer asked the man if he had been drinking the man said, “”Yeah, I’ve been drinking, but I stopped about eight hours ago,”” according to reports. Then the man shouted, “”Please don’t arrest me, I only peed!”” according to reports.

    The officer then spoke with a man who was at the bus stop waiting to take a bus from the area. He said he watched the other man walk to a women’s restroom, drop his pants to his ankles and urinate against the outside door and wall. The man said he could clearly see the other man’s penis and genitals and felt victimized by his actions and wanted to pursue criminal charges against him.

    The officer went to the women’s restroom and noticed a wet stain on the outside wall, door and cement walkway.

    When the man saw the officer looking at the wet spot, he shouted, “”Yeah, that’s where I pissed!”” according to reports.

    The officer spoke on the telephone with a woman who had left the area and did not wish to return. She said she was on a city bus just as it was preparing to stop at the bus stop. While she was sitting on the bus, the man crawled up to her on his hands and knees. He then reached out and grabbed her ankles with his hands and pulled at them as if trying to separate her legs.

    She then jumped up and immediately left the bus and departed the area. She later called the University of Arizona Police Department to report the incident.

    She said she was not injured during the incident and thought the man might have been trying to look up her dress, but wasn’t sure because the incident happened quickly. She also said she wanted to pursue criminal charges against the man.

    When the officer advised the man of his Miranda rights the man said, “”Fuck you, I ain’t saying shit. Maybe I’ll just get up and kick your ass,”” according to reports.

    The officer then arrested the man. He was handcuffed, searched and transported to Pima County Jail, where he was booked.

    When the officer served the man an exclusionary order and asked if he understood, the man said, “”I hear you, motherfucker, I ain’t dumb!”” according to reports.

    A woman was arrested at Bear Down Gym on Feb. 2 for assault.

    An officer was walking inside the gym during the Hillary Clinton rally as Clinton had finished talking and was signing autographs near the main stage.

    Two other officers were walking through the crowd providing plain-clothes security. The woman was within 5 feet of the senator when one of the officers excused himself and said he needed to go through.

    The woman pushed against him, so he told her that he was a police officer, and she pushed him again. He escorted her back with his forearm, and she punched him below his right eye and spit at his face.

    He pushed her away and she punched him twice more.

    He detained her and escorted her to the uniformed officer standing outside the crowd. The plain-clothes officer wished to press charges for a misdemeanor assault.

    She claimed she did not know he was a plain-clothes officer.

    There was no apparent injury to the officer’s eye, but he said he could feel it. He said he previously had surgery to that eye, so that could have made the injury feel worse.

    The woman was cited for assault and released.

    Five students were cited for disorderly conduct the morning of Jan. 23 after trying to kidnap another student as part of a fraternity prank.

    At 12:02 a.m., an officer received a report of a kidnapping at Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth St. Three men were seen taking another man from the building and forcing him into a white Jeep Cherokee.

    The officer spotted the vehicle while going northbound on North Campbell Avenue. The driver appeared to see the officer and sped up before taking a right turn onto East Hawthorne Street.

    The officer followed, and the vehicle sped up again once the driver spotted the squad car in pursuit. The officer saw a rear passenger door open and two legs dangling out.

    The vehicle came to an abrupt stop about 100 feet short of East Hawthorne Street and North Norris Avenue, and the driver’s door opened. The officer drew his gun and ordered the driver to stay in the car and the passengers to keep their hands up inside.

    Another officer arrived shortly thereafter. The first officer told the driver to exit the Jeep and stand near the squad car. Two more officers arrived, and ordered the passengers out of the vehicle one by one.

    The driver and one passenger were placed in handcuffs. The first officer searched the Jeep and found nothing, so he holstered his gun.

    Two other officers arrived at Coronado and talked to witnesses. One of the officers took a female witness to the Jeep, and she positively identified it.

    Five of the passengers were read their Miranda rights. The driver said he and the four passengers – three of whom were accused of the kidnapping – were part of a fraternity.

    The driver said the sixth man was a new member of the fraternity, and that the three men had gone to Coronado to take him as a prank.

    He said when he first saw the officer driving he was going to try and get away, and stopped abruptly when he got scared.

    Before the vehicle was impounded, officers took photos of bandanas and a pillowcase used during the prank.

    The five passengers involved in the prank were cited and booked into Pima County Jail. The driver was also cited for having a fake ID.

    The officer went to the fraternity house and advised the president that the members’ actions constituted hazing, and that the Dean of Students Office would be notified.

    The president said he was not aware of the members’ prank, and that the fraternity did not condone hazing.

    Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police?Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at

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