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    “On the Spot: Brian Gura, history sophomore”

    How do you feel about fake Ids?

    I guess in my opinion, they’re okay as long as you don’t get caught. It kind of depends what you are using them for. If you are using them to buy cigarettes that’s probably okay, if you’re going to buy alcohol in large quantities, probably not okay.

    You don’t need to say if you have one or not, but do you know a lot of people that use them or do you feel pressured to get one if you have friends already turning 21?

    I don’t really feel the pressure to get one, but I definitely have friends that own one. I’m 20, close to 21 now, so there’s not much incentive to get one.

    Exactly, you don’t want to ruin the fun of turning 21.

    Right, ‘cause it just cheapens it.

    Did you vote today?

    No, I am not an Arizona resident.

    Well did you mail in your early ballot?

    No, I did not.

    Where are you from?

    I’m from Georgia.

    I love asking people this: what is, like, the biggest difference you see from the South and the West, what is most shocking to you about the West coast?

    No trees. Like driving down the highway, you can see everything.

    What about the people?

    Everybody here is, like, really kind of uptight. Down south it’s really chill, very relaxed.

    Down south is a bit more neighborly. Do you know all your neighbors now?

    Yeah, I live at Gateway we know our neighbors. We throw parties, they come over.

    Did you guys make baked goods when moving in to get acquainted or how did that work?

    No, they baked us brownies and we threw a party, so it was kind of a trade.

    That’s definitely a southern tradition, getting acquainted with the neighbors. Any nights without sleep recently?

    Yeah, it’s crunch time all the essays are due. I didn’t sleep last night I had to write a Civil War paper that was 13 pages long.

    What is the longest paper you have written here are the U A?

    That would be last year, a 20-page paper for a core class for extra credit.

    I’m hoping you got an A in that class.

    Yeah, I got ten points extra credit and I did.

    OK, good. How does the barbeque chicken here relate to that Georgia barbeque?

    OK, the barbeque chicken in Georgia is way better than it is here. But the Mexican food here is way better than it is in Georgia. There is almost too much Mexican food here.

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