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    In response to “Free Wi-Fi for entire US population would benefit all” (by Razanne Chatila, Feb. 14):

    “Free”? Anyone who has taken a basic economics class will understand that there is “no such thing as a free lunch.” This is not the responsibility of our government, we have bigger issues to worry about.

    — Katie

    I like the idea of the federal government creating the infrastructure to provide consisent high quality wireless broadband througout the continental United States. I don’t see why it has to be free though. People can pay for what they use. I like that they have the option to subrscribe to it, but I don’t think they should be forced to pay for it (with tax dollars) if they don’t want it.

    — Ben J

    In response to “With strong Catholic U.S., American pope makes sense” (by Stephanie Zawada, Feb. 13):

    This article actually made me laugh out loud. I’m sure Catholics in other countries (where over 90 percent of Catholics are) will rejoice at the thought of an American pope, especially if he’s leading the church in a “new direction.”

    — Wildcat

    “Europe is in shambles with no plan in place for its survival as a civilization.” And you don’t think the same is true for the U.S.? Have you read the news lately?

    — Joe

    *In response to “Before you graduate, cross these items off your college bucket list” (by Daily Wildcat Staff, Feb. 15): *

    I can’t believe this article was actually published. You are encouraging students to participate in illegal activities. Not only are some of your activities raunchy, but they can also lead to disciplinary actions like getting kicked out of the UA. With all the other fun things to do around campus I don’t know why you would suggest sex in a public place and intoxication in an academic setting. Shame on you Daily Wildcat!

    — Amy

    Yes, because having sex in the library and smuggling in beer to shotgun absolutely doesn’t make you an asshole. The others are genuinely only something you can do before graduating from U of A, so why try to make a random librarian hate you? Maybe people should have sex at your house and chug your beers?

    — Wildcat

    Stay classy, Daily Wildcat.

    — Yasmine

    As a CS student, I have plenty of chances to watch the sunset in Gould-Simpson, and I did that a lot. I’m planning on watching the sunrise.

    — Sunny Boy

    In response to “Oppression is an endless tunnel” (by Kimberlie Wang, Feb. 13):

    I had a similar experience in the Tunnel of Oppression but also feel that the article lacks cohesion. Yeah, culture and diversity are great while being different can cause negative backlash, but I hardly think your bombastic conclusion is realistic. Revenge privileged doesn’t really make sense. Who would the privileged get revenge on?

    I’m intrigued the Wildcat managed an alternate opinion, I just don’t really get it. Oppression is constant, therefore why try to stop it? You’ve experienced racism and didn’t care so the tunnel of oppression is pointless? Diversity is cool?

    Obviously we can’t make everyone come to peace, and I agree that the Tunnel of Oppression is largely for people who are already aware of a problem and that it misses an opportunity to engage in a more forward-thinking movement, but come on. We can’t just give up.


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