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    Cheap tuition appealing enough to ‘jump the border’

    In response to “”Proxy Wars: Prop. 300 is immigration frustration run amok””: the main reason that Arizona has such a problem with immigrants is because it is so appealing to jump the border.

    What could possibly be the solution? Make it less appealing! How incredibly hard is it to understand the basics of the human mind? If it looks good, they will come.

    As for adding “”additional burdens on illegal immigrants,”” check the fourth word in that phrase. They are illegal! Why should they have access to things like in-state tuition? Or free health care? If actual citizens of the United States can’t get in-state tuition, then why should illegal immigrants be permitted to have it?

    No, Proposition 300 may not solve the problem, but if it helps at all, any astute American should be helping this proposition along, not criticizing something they don’t know how to fix either.

    Heather Kidd molecular and cellular biology freshman

    Success of Bush tax cuts a pleasant fiction

    I loved the cartoon of President Bush as a deficit-cutting hero in David Francis’ latest opinion article (“”Taxes: Less is more””). It reminded me of how wonderful the world of imagination and fairy tales can be.

    However, after reading the article, my glee ended upon the realization that some people seriously believe Bush’s tax cuts have been successful. You would think that after Bush added $2.8 trillion dollars to the national debt, those people would start second-guessing their blind allegiance to him and his economic policies.

    To make room for those “”benevolent”” tax cuts, federal Pell Grants to underprivileged college students have been slashed, and for the majority of Bush’s term, food insecurity as well as poverty have increased. There are still nearly 40 million people without health insurance, and the public school system is in shambles, all in the “”world’s richest nation.””

    In addition, if you take out the wealthy upper percentile of American citizens – the only ones benefiting from Bush’s tax cuts – the average American income has been stagnant and in many areas has actually decreased during Bush’s term. Most disheartening is the fact that social mobility has fallen to the same level as it was back in the Gilded Age.

    Even a well-respected, pro-business magazine, The Economist, stated that “”some of Bush’s tax cuts were needlessly regressive.”” And for those who think that the Democrats have no fiscal sense, let me remind you that the last budget “”surplus”” was under President Clinton (granted, he didn’t give out no-bid contracts or tax breaks and subsidies to oil companies).

    To top it all off, Bush has failed to close the tax loopholes that almost reward companies that outsource some of their divisions. It has gotten so bad that even the IMF released a report “”that warned of the dangers to the global economy posed by the United States’ lack of spending discipline, its reliance on foreign creditors, and its failure to plan adequately for future government liabilities.””

    Undoubtedly, we need less tax cuts from the administration and more critical thinking skills.

    Lon Huber public administration junior

    Wildcat calendar page too biased

    I have been reading the Arizona Daily Wildcat since I started attending this university, and I am simply appalled by the amount of opinions that are present in the calendar page in every Thursday edition of the Wildcat.

    Mainly what I see is a lot of bias when it comes to the musical acts that are passing through Tucson. As a member of KAMP Student Radio, I find it completely inappropriate to name an event and then say that that band’s latest album is “”bland and every song bled together like an emo-kid’s wet dream”” (which basically tells the reader not to go to that show) and then for other events to say: “”These experimental New Wave geniuses are not to be missed.””

    The calendar page is meant to tell the reader about local events and give some background about the event or musical act. It is not a place to gripe or rave about music the writer likes and dislikes. I hope you can fix this issue in order to make the Wildcat a better publication.

    Jacob Wexler retailing and consumer sciences junior

    Tax cuts benefit the ‘super rich’

    Columnist David Francis skillfully avoided reality as he pontificated on the merits of President Bush’s tax cuts in his Tuesday column (“”Taxes: Less is more””). For instance, Mr. Francis gleefully points out the 18 percent drop in the federal budget deficit, as if to congratulate the administration on its return to true fiscal conservatism.

    The reality is that during the administration before George W. Bush took office, the federal budget deficit was $0. That’s right. Zero. As in, so low that it couldn’t get lower.

    When Mr. Francis applauds the administration for minimally decreasing the federal deficit that it created, it’s like praising someone for spraying Febreze after defecating on your head. If one pays homage to reality once again, one would find that the national debt has nearly doubled under George W. Bush’s tenure as chief executive.

    The national debt is nearly $9 trillion today. That means that every single American citizen owes more than $30,000 to pay off our debt. Now, while the lower 98 percent of the American citizenry are receiving our “”tax breaks”” of around $300 apiece, we should ask ourselves whether the wonderful effects of Bush’s tax cuts offset the additional $15,000 each and every one of us owes thanks to George W. Bush. For the overwhelming majority of us, they don’t.

    The only people who truly benefit from these massive tax cuts are the top 2 percent of the citizenry: the super-rich. They receive millions in tax breaks, and the $15,000 to them at that point is chump change. It’s simple math, David.

    The American people are being forced to fund the further enrichment of the nation’s top 2 percent through Bush’s tax cuts, and what’s worse is the fact that we’re doing it through credit. Countries like China and Saudi Arabia hold the lion’s share of American debt. George W. Bush’s tax cuts have sold Americans out to these foreign countries and given the profits to the super-rich. And you know what? They’re laughing all the way to the bank.

    Dustin Cox political science and sociology senior

    Memorial a reminder of failed Iraq policy

    I commend the actions of the UA Young Democrats for respectfully honoring the more than 3,079 service members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq. In today’s polarized society, it is easy to cause a ruckus to try to get your point across, but UAYD was able to send a strong message while paying tribute to our fallen troops.

    Having helped put up those 3,079 flags, and reading the names, I have a newfound respect for the work and sacrifice of our military members, but also have re-ignited my passion to push for change to the failed policy of the Bush administration in Iraq.

    How many more of our family and friends need to die before we wake up and realize there’s no end is in sight to this quagmire that Bush has led us into? Americans, especially our generation, need to realize Bush’s Iraq policy is not working and to pressure Congress to implement change that is so desperately needed to bring an end to this war.

    David Martinez III pre-education senior

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