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    On the spot: Matt Hewihle

    What’s with the space helmet?

    Basically covering a little bit of Japanese culture through anime. Basically trying to get attention and pass out flyers.

    It definitely catches a lot of attention. How do you feel when you wear it? Like what are you feeling inside?

    I feel way more confident. I mean, I passed out flyers with a helmet on before but I think it adds a layer of anonymity, it kind of stands out.

    So you said you feel more confident under the helmet, is that because people generally get pretty annoyed when you are trying to thrust them a flyer?

    Typically, people actually direct their footsteps towards you sometimes a little bit, if they want one. Or you know if you extend a hand out to them they kind of have to take one.

    Yeah, I’ve been watching you for a couple hours around the Mall because I have been back and forth out here. I have to say the helmet’s pretty intimidating. I can’t even see your eyes. But what are you actually handing out flyers for?

    Fun Time Party Go! tonight at the Rialto at 9 p.m. presented by Powhaus, it’s going to be amazing.

    What is Powhaus?

    Powhaus is essentially something started to basically promote local bands, and each party has different things for charity.

    So basically it’s a non-profit where you guys have parties and everything you make from it goes to a charity?

    Well, not everything but a lot goes to the Rialto, I don’t really know the breakdown. All I know is, personally, I don’t make any money but I’m perfectly happy going around and spreading the word.

    So you think that as long as what you are doing and you are happy then money and livelihood aren’t an issue?

    Well they’re definitely an issue.

    But you think they will come together if you are happy?

    Yeah, naturally. If you’re doing your thing, it’s how you direct yourself.

    So where do you want your life to go?

    To infinity and beyond.

    Oh! Hence the helmet. Any life goals? Anywhere specific that you want to go, or see or end up?

    No. Just autonomy and freedom.

    I really hope you make it to that place one day and also to infinity and beyond.

    Me too.  Thank you.


    –Caroline Nachazel


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