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    Police Beat: Feb. 8

    Two guys, two girls, two grinders

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer was on patrol Feb. 1 at 4:05 p.m. at the intersection of Broadway Boulevard and Campbell Avenue when he noticed a car turn left onto Broadway and run a red light.

    When the officer pulled over the car and was speaking with the driver and passengers of the car he could smell a strong odor of marijuana.

    He asked the driver where the marijuana was in the car and the driver said the car was not his.

    The passenger then reached into the glove box and pulled out a blue metal grinder that smelled of strong, burnt marijuana.

    After getting out of the car, the driver told the officer that he and the other three passengers had been smoking joints at a house using rolling paper but later said that all four of them were smoking in the car with a pipe.

    The officer reported the man as having a strong odor of marijuana coming from his body and said his tongue had a greenish tinted paste on it.

    The officer then spoke with one of the women passengers. She claimed that she didn’t know about any marijuana. The officer reported her as also smelling of marijuana and having the same greenish tint on her tongue.

    The other woman that was in the car was also questioned and she said that all four of them had been smoking a glass pipe inside the car.

    All four of the passengers in the car were cited and released for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The driver was additionally charged with failing to obey a traffic control device.

    After a search of the car was made, two metal grinders, one black, one blue, a multi-colored glass pipe with burnt residue on it and a glass jar with burnt residue inside were found. Each of the grinders had about 0.1 grams of marijuana in it.

    The items were placed into property as evidence.


    Man arrested for stealing pen

    A UAPD officer responded to the UofA Bookstore at 1209 E. University Blvd. on Feb. 2 at 3:56 p.m. in reference to a shoplifter.

    The man accused of shoplifting was identified by his Arizona driver’s license. He stated that he was a student currently in a Persian studies class and had an interest in handwriting and calligraphy so he needed a good pen to use.

    He said that he walked into the bookstore, picked out the pen he wanted and placed it in his right back pocket while he continued to shop.

    He picked out a book and a notebook and paid for them.

    When he left the store with the pen still in his pocket, a bookstore employee confronted him.

    The man stated it was not his intention to steal anything and he had simply forgot about the pen. He said, “”Had I have known it was in my pocket, I would have paid for it.””

    Photographs were taken of the pen and placed into evidence. Along with the photos, a copy of store surveillance and a copy of the receipt of the pen showing the price were also placed into property.

    The man was arrested for shoplifting and referred to the Dean of Students.


    Borrowed registration doesn’t fool cops

    A UAPD officer was on patrol at the intersection of Speedway Boulevard and Tucson Boulevard on Feb. 2 when he noticed an invalid license plate on a car in front of him.

    The officer conducted a check on the license plate of the black Mitsubishi and it returned the registration of the car as expiring in July of 2009, however the sticker on the car was for 2010.

    After stopping the car, the officer asked the driver whether or not the car belonged to him and he said it did.

    A check of the license plate sticker reported it belonged to a 1985 GMC pickup truck.

    The man claimed a friend gave him the sticker to put on his car because he could not afford to pay for the renewal of the registration.

    The sticker was taken from the car and placed into property as evidence. The man was cited and released for expired registration and knowingly displaying a fictitious sticker on his plate.


    No lock, no Mac

    A UAPD officer spoke with a UA student on Feb. 2 at 5:21 p.m. about her property that had been stolen.

    The woman said that at 3 p.m. that day she placed her Apple Macbook laptop that was inside a maroon case and a computer charger into one of the lockers at the Student Recreation Center and did not use a lock to secure the items.

    She said she returned to the locker an hour later and noticed the computer, case and charger were missing.

    The laptop was valued at $1,200.

    No suspects or witnesses are known.


    Unwarranted speeding by unlicensed man

    A UAPD officer was monitoring traffic at the intersection of Vine Avenue and Speedway Boulevard on Feb. 1 at 8:08 a.m. when he noticed a car speeding and cutting in front of other traffic.

    The officer turned on his emergency lights and the white Honda immediately pulled off the road into a Vantage West Bank parking lot at the northeast corner of Euclid Avenue and Speedway Boulevard.

    The driver gave the officer his vehicle registration, proof of insurance and an identification card. When the officer asked for a driver’s license the man said he did not have one.

    The officer ran a record check of the man that reported he had a suspended license and warrant out of Casa Grande, Ariz.

    The man was cited and released for driving on a suspended license and speeding. The car was impounded and copies of the tow sheet, the impound notice and citation were placed into property.

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