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Comments from April 16

On ‘Sex, drugs, responsibility,’ April 15

Well said. If women want to be taken seriously as adults, then they need to stop pitching themselves to the world as children. Whenever they make a mistake, it isn’t always some big bad other person’s fault.

— Anonymous

It’s about time someone said this.

— The squid

On ‘Free zombie games to spice up your life,’ April 14

As someone who has made it a point to read the Wildcat’s good video game stuff lately I couldnt be more disappointed. Weak…

— Bummer

On ‘UA students bring down the house in ‘Il Matrimonio,’ April 14

Agreed. Matrimonio was very well done. Bravi bravi.

It was a shame that it didn’t sell out. I attended Saturday night, with about a half-full house. Too bad: highly accessible and fun opera, excellent singing and acting, and inexpensive, especially for students. Yet, empty seats.

— Anonymous

On ‘The new airline pee fee,’ April 15

That is ridiculous! If someone’s partner is pregnant will have to pay fortune then. I used to travel a lot with them, I give up now. No more!!

— Anonymous

Ryanair charges for cups of water. This is no surprise.

— Max

To be fair, Ryanair’s base flight prices are unbelievably cheap — they make it up with these fees and with a low quality of customer service that they’ve become infamous for. I’ve taken round-trip flights with them for under $70 USD, though; their prices — if you don’t need to check bags and can put up with the service — beat nearly any other airline carrier.

— Jesse Gunsch

On ‘Step out from behind the electronic veil,’ April 13

Totally agreed. The Wildcat used to have a strict policy about not printing anything anonymous in the paper or on the Web site because it just invites slander. Now, anyone can write absolutely anything and not have to sign it. Just to prove it, I’m not signing this.

— Anonymous

On ‘The curse of the thinking class,’ April 12

I must point out one logical fallacy: Higher educational attainment does not equate to being smarter as this article seems to take for granted. And I highly doubt that the smartest students are the ones coming to class drunk or passing out on the stairs, just mostly the ones who came to college to drink. Anyway, I realize that this is not the point of the article.

— Anonymous

I wonder if the reason that women “”with degrees are almost twice as likely to drink daily”” is because those women are miserable because they fell for the feminist myth of not needing men and families and have denied their biological drive to be wives and mothers and are using alcohol as an escape from the pain they feel inside?

— Gina

On ‘Arizona basketball program gets $2.9 million gift,’ April13

Great to see that not only is Arizona basketball back, but the “”family”” continues. After following the cats for over 40 years, now, the most important thing is our classiness. No big investigations like the USC mess; a few off-court issues, but by and large a clean, respectable program. When we get back to the top, which we will soon, let’s keep some humility and respect and compete hard but with class. Humility and confidence are not mutually exclusive. Go Cats!

— Teacherdon

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