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    Mail Bag

    Sharpton: Stay out of Imus scandal

    In my opinion, the Don Imus scandal has been blown out of proportion. The question of whether his words were hateful and degrading is undeniable, but in my opinion his “”target”” was clearly laid out – the women of the Rutgers basketball team. It seems that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are always eagerly positioned to jump out of nowhere to debate and desecrate those who “”trample on”” black America.

    I know that I personally don’t carry the weight of black America on my shoulders, since every racist comment (vs. blacks) is not directed at me – similar to the way white citizens don’t carry the burden of history on their shoulders and an insurmountable sense of guilt.

    The Imus situation would be very different if he blatantly said “”black women are nappy-headed hos who deserve to die”” (sounds remotely Chappelle-esque), and in that instance of course Sharpton would be warranted in attacking Imus. The Rutgers incident is solely between the women of the Rutgers basketball team and Imus – he apologized and they accepted. Granted, he only apologized once the media firestorm began, but at least he apologized to whom he insulted.

    In order to be successful in life, you have to be comfortable with yourself. I know that people’s racist comments have only hurt me when clearly directed at me (far beyond stereotypes and generalizations), and the Imus situation seems like another case of an individual’s commentary affecting more than his intended “”target”” thanks to the media exacerbating commentary that I never would have even heard in the first place.

    A boycott of Imus’ radio show by the black community headed by Sharpton, Jackson and whoever else would join the bandwagon could be sufficient on one level. Or as seen with the HOT97 DJs (black DJs on a rap station who frequently used racist and profane commentary on air), a suspension without pay would even be adequate rather than an outright dismissal.

    Ashley C. Emerole sophomore majoring in political science and regional development

    Harvard suicide claim is suspect

    Your news tidbit (“”Suicides likelier in homes with guns””) is misleading. If you read the press release from the Harvard School of Public Health, it contains: “”also, suicide attempts using firearms, which constitute just 5 percent of all fatal and non-fatal attempts.”” Even this wording contradicts data presented earlier in the release. I question the research and even its mention in the Daily Wildcat. I do not feel it newsworthy.

    Lloyd Wundrock health and safety officer, Risk Management and Safety

    Pelosi trip demonstrates America’s ‘generosity’

    Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House, is superior. Her leadership is restoring congressional oversight and is bringing a new believability in our government. Her travels to other nations demonstrate our nation’s soul and generosity.

    This administration must relinquish all participation/control of the Iraq reconstruction so that our troops can leave. Poor business practices, denying participation of other nations in reconstruction, incompetency, reluctant commanders, inhumane treatments and assaults on our constitutional rights loom large among its mistakes.

    The goal for citizens now is to grow a veto-proof Congress to overcome those future mistakes. Seek/support congressional candidates for the approaching primaries who will make it so.

    John Bauer Martinez, Calif.

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