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    In response to “ABOR meeting could decide fate of ASA student fee” (by Brittny Mejia, Nov. 15):

    On November 5th, “The Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC), representative of all graduate and professional students at the University of Arizona, hereby supports the Arizona Students’ Association (ASA) and its mission to improve higher education for the students of Arizona.

    The ASA is needed because it stands and fights for students’ rights in higher education throughout the state of Arizona. ASA works to better higher education by working on issues that Arizona students bring forth.

    In addition, ASA has been actively involved in encouraging student political involvement by registering thousands of students and organizing ‘get out the vote’ campaigns for students.

    We further support the continuation of the ASA $2 fee because it was overwhelmingly approved by a student referendum four years ago and the investment has been valuable to the University of Arizona student population. ASA has used this investment to promote higher education, bring together Arizona students to promote leadership and unity, and advocate to elected officials on issues pertaining to education.

    ASA is an indispensable and important advocate for students’ needs, and the GPSC fully supports the organization as a united voice for all university students across the state of Arizona.”

    — Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC)
    — Zachary Brooks, GPSC president

    In response to “States filing secession petitions need to grow up” (by Dan Desrochers, Nov. 15):

    Haha, this is great. Also, if you look at the states who want to secede, their economies aren’t strong enough. They also have no water sources. It’s just dumb.

    — Andrea

    I think it’s time to come out of your toddler years and address these issues, which you have several facts about, like an adult.

    Nobody appreciates your childish attitude toward such a serious issue. This is more than a secession. This is a nationwide protest to how the government is being run and things obviously need to change. I don’t think anyone will really secede … I just think we want to be heard.

    — Mick Kevlar

    Print this out, hold on to it and see if you feel the same way 5 years from now. I hope I’m wrong about the direction of the country and there is nothing to worry about. The reason other countries can get by with socialized medicine is that they have the U.S. system to fall back on. Cleveland is the MRI capital of Canada.

    — Don H.

    In response to “Life on his terms: UA transgender student offers new perspective” (by Greg Gonzales, Nov. 16):

    Many of us start college not knowing who we are. Congratulations Michael for having the courage to look within and respect what you found. May you continue to have comfort among your peers and compassion for others still finding their way. Thank you Greg for another well-written story reminding us to keep open our hearts and minds.

    — Patte Lazarus

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