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Column: ‘Bernie or bust’ could bust America

Dave Granlund / Politicalcartoon

As November approaches, many Americans are finding themselves between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the election.

Especially with the new knowledge of the Democratic National Committee’s potential bias against Bernie Sanders, many voters are feeling disillusioned and are considering voting for a third-party candidate or not voting at all.

Of course, the feelings aren’t limited to only Sanders supporters. But considering the possibility of foul play — or at least some sort of bias for Hillary Clinton that could have negatively impacted the Sanders campaign — it’s easy to see why Sanders supporters are having a hard time getting behind the other candidates, specifically Clinton.

Some with more liberal or left-wing views, who probably align with Clinton more than any other candidate, feel repulsed at the thought of voting for her. Of course, it’s fair to be concerned about each of the candidates and their merits.

But there’s a much greater evil in this election than the Clinton campaign or even the DNC, his name is Donald Trump.

I don’t mind a Republican candidate. I don’t mind a candidate that speaks his mind in a blunt fashion. I don’t mind a candidate with tight immigration policies, and I certainly don’t mind a candidate that wants to make America great. Though, I’d argue that America is great already and as such there’s no meaning in making America great “again.”

I do mind a candidate that lacks respect for people who aren’t white males. I mind a candidate who wants to deport people and erect a physical barricade to keep people out due to differences in their ethnicity. I mind a candidate who lies profusely. If you think I’m talking about Clinton here, research published by PolitiFact indicates that it’s actually Trump whose pants are on fire. Mostly, I mind a candidate who cannot control his emotions, who cannot feel empathy and speaks offensively toward people who are different than him.

There are also people — liberals and Democrats included — who would rather have a Trump presidency than vote for Clinton.

Anyone who doesn’t vote for Clinton out of protest, whether by voting third party or abstaining, is voting for Donald. They’re benefiting a presidential candidate who harbors hate — who shows hate through his words and actions — for Americans he doesn’t know. They’re voting to the benefit of a person who speaks and acts impulsively and who will likely use his executive decision-making power in a way that harms the country. Clinton has her faults, as all candidates do, but at least she has the experience and shows compassion toward the American people.

I supported Sanders in the primary and I’ve been really let down by the DNC after the way his campaign ended. That said, to be incapable of moving on after his campaign is dangerous. Refusing to support Clinton could allow an evil force to take control of the White House and the country. If all the people who wanted Sanders refuse to vote for Clinton, it could be more than enough to throw the election to Donald Trump.

I’m not one to tell people they need to always vote along party lines, but it’s so absolutely critical for people to vote Clinton in this election. Democrats and left-leaning voters need to consider the possible aftermath of refusing to vote for anyone but Sanders. I know a few people see good in Trump, and I don’t know if I can convince them not to vote for him. But anyone who doesn’t want to see him win in November — Sanders supporters especially — should seriously consider whether or not Clinton is equally as bad as Trump. The future of our country depends on it.

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