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    Column: Hillary Clinton is still a feminist icon

    Red Huber
    Former President Bill Clinton campaigns for his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Sept. 7, 2016 at Dr. James R. Smith Neighborhood Center in Orlando, Fla. (Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel/TNS)

    Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is a known feminist who has used her feminism in her platform throughout the presidential election, despite accusations against her husband about his history with women in the Oval Office two decades ago.

    Feminism as a movement has been on the rise and is currently popularizing among many young people, especially young females. Gender inequality is a hot-topic social issue that primarily liberals are trying to bring to fruition.

    The thirst for a strong female leader in 2016 draws in many of Hillary Clinton’s supporters. She has been involved in the world of American politics since 1979, when she became the First Lady of Arkansas to Bill Clinton.

    Following her husband’s scandals in the White House, Hillary Clinton ran for Senate in New York. Not only did this position make her the first female senator of New York, it also made her the first-ever first lady of the United States to run for any elected office position.

    Hillary Clinton is a strong female leader because she is a go-getter and has paved the way for women as a feminist icon.

    Many argue, though, that Bill Clinton’s actions while in the White House are evidence of a demeaning history with women, and that if Hillary Clinton were a true feminist, she would not have stayed with him.

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    Others say that a woman should not be blamed for the actions of her husband. This notion is the type of thing that women have been fighting for years—a woman being blamed for her husband’s actions obviously impedes the idea of female independence.

    Despite the public outrage against Bill Clinton following the outbreak of the Monica Lewinsky story, Hillary was still able to go on to be Senator of New York, Secretary of State and the first female presidential nominee of a major American political party.

    It seems that America’s perception of the events that unfolded during the White House’s Clinton era inflated Hillary as a female leader.

    Before the scandal, she had served as a first lady for decades, but after the scandal, she found herself able to climb the political ladder. Bill Clinton’s actions didn’t make Hillary any less of a woman.

    While the scandal was still a current event, it happened at just the right time for feminists everywhere. Hillary rose to power, regardless of the impact her husband’s choices could have had on her life.

    The events that unfolded while Bill Clinton was president may have propelled her to get where she is today.

    Women were inspired by her confidence to put herself back in the public eye after facing scrutiny for her husband’s embarrassing end to his reign as president.

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    Now that the years have passed, Hillary’s decision to stay with Bill is not as popular.

    Because she stayed with him after all of the accusations that he faced, she has to be careful to avoid sounding hypocritical with her opponent, Donald Trump.

    In the current presidential election, Trump tries to use these events against her, but he has not been very successful due to his own track record with women.

    The disadvantage for Trump in this situation is that Bill Clinton’s actions are mostly behind closed doors, while Trump’s lack of filter is indisputable and easily recalled.

    Without a doubt, Hillary Clinton is a powerful woman that many women look up to because of her hard work and dedication, but in this election, Bill’s past with women is hurting more than it is helping.

    In this election it’s crucial—now more than ever—for Hillary to use her femininity to her advantage. Trump’s offensive behavior toward women deters a good portion of his potential voters.

    Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of a modern American woman who inspires women to do what they want to do.

    Hillary Clinton is still a feminist, regardless of Bill Clinton.

    She rose to where she is now, through her own hard work and bravery—not the actions of her husband.

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