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Don’t call an exterminator if you find these mice on the UA campus

Each month, UofA Mice Guys hides crochet mice around the University of Arizona campus. Pictured are two new mice they recently made. (Photo courtesy of UofA Mice Guys.)

Editor’s Note: After verifying the identities of members involved, the Daily Wildcat has made the exception of keeping the identities of those involved with the “UofA Mice Guys” page anonymous in order to preserve the creators’ vision of the group. The following aliases will be used: Remy and Ralph.

UofA Mice Guys is an anonymous group of students that hide crochet mice around the University of Arizona campus and post riddles on their Instagram for other students to find. The group was inspired by Campus Frogs, who do the same but with frogs. 

The group’s main goal is for people to come out to explore and appreciate the campus. The group began hiding mice around December of last year and has since hidden 10 mice around the school. 

The creator of the group, Remy, began the group with a close friend, and, through word of mouth, two more members joined. With no crocheting experience, Remy started to make little pigs to hide, but after realizing the pigs were not coming out cute, she decided to change to mice. 

Remy, the creator of UofA Mice Guys, crochets all of the mice the group hides on the University of Arizona campus. The group hopes their mice will inspire students to explore hidden areas of campus. (Photo courtesy of UofA Mice Guys.)

Remy crochets the mice, and the members help her with the riddles and hiding spots. They test the difficulty of the riddles and go out looking for hiding spots together. 

“I definitely don’t want to make it too simple for people; it’s more fun to figure out. [Group members] usually get it on the second or first try,” Remy said. 

A member of the group, Ralph, has been with UofA Mice Guys since the beginning of their mice journey. He said that going out to look for hiding spots is one of his favorite things to do because the group spends quality time together. 

“There are a lot of places people don’t know about, and it’s not good to stay cooped out in your dorms. You can do these hunts with your friends and have a good time,” Ralph said.

While some people try deciphering the riddles and go out looking for the mice, others seem to stumble upon them while walking around campus. 

Malacya Morales, a UA student and natural resources major, was out with her friends looking for the unicorn sculpture in the School of Dance wellness garden by the Ina E. Gittings building on the east side of campus. Construction workers nearby told them that there was a mouse around the building; intrigued, the group began to look for the mouse. 

They searched around the building and found the rainbow-colored mouse named Eggbert

Some mice take a couple of days to find, whereas others don’t even make it through a whole day. 

“If it has been a couple of days and the mouse is still not found, we’ll go check to see if the mouse is alright,” Remy said. 

Watch the group’s Instagram for riddles of where the latest mice have been hidden. The group is planning something special for October and spooky season. (Photo courtesy of UofA Mice Guys.)

In the future, the group would like to collaborate with other groups, like Campus Frogs. However, currently, the group wants to focus on their own projects. 

“For now, we want to do our own thing and not be tied down to any other clubs. If we do find that clubs want to collaborate with us, then we might. For now, it is all fun,” Remy said. 

The group is planning something very special soon. They are especially looking forward to the Halloween season. 

“There will be interesting hiding spots and mice for the next drops,” Ralph said. 

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