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Musical Murals in Downtown Tucson

Participants enjoying a performance at one of the murals on Oct. 30 in Downtown Tucson. The event was sponsored by the University of Arizona and the non-profit Beyond.

This past Monday, Oct. 30, the sidewalks filled with people of all ages as they commenced their walk around Downtown Tucson in search of the musical murals. 

That afternoon, the University of Arizona partnered with the non-profit Beyond and its signature program, Meet Me at Maynards, to provide an experience full of community, art and well-being. 

“Beyond is all about offering opportunities and education for people to be healthy. Yes, we need to move our bodies, but we also need to connect with other human beings. We’ve tried to provide opportunities for people to do that, and every Monday, people meet here and go out on a walk, a run or just connect with friends,” Daniela Diamente, the executive director for Beyond, said.  

The community group Meet Me at Maynards is a group of people of all ages that meet every Monday in Downtown Tucson for their weekly walk. Their mission is to bring “active adults and families to the downtown Tucson area to enjoy healthy exercise, experience the beauty, history and architecture of our unique neighborhoods, and appreciate and patronize local businesses.”

This past Monday, however, was a special occasion as Meet Me at Maynards joined forces with the UA for its third year to bring together the Musical Murals. Through this event, hundreds of participants joined in groups as they made their way from mural to mural. At every stop, they were greeted with a performance by students from the Fred Fox School of Music at the UA. 

These performances, each located a five-minute walk from the other, included harpists, bands, clarinet players, singers and many more performers, each as well organized and beautiful as the last. 

“Tucson is a wonderful city, and these Meet Me at Maynard events are just fantastic. You meet new people, and there is always something of interest to be seen. It’s a must-see event,” Lucy Davis, a fellow Tucsonan, said. 

Although the Musical Murals event was extremely successful, it’s not the only occasion where people gather to connect with others and enjoy some friendly exercise.

“I’ve been coming [to the Meet Me at Maynards gatherings] since 2014. It’s a beautiful time to come together each Monday night to support each other, get exercise, have a healthy mind and just enjoy our beautiful downtown and how it’s changing,” Dale Flannery, a regular member of Meet Me at Maynards and Tucson community resident for 38 years, said. 

Along with the recurrent members and first-timers, the students involved also expressed their appreciation for the event and its mission. 

“It’s a great way to support the Tucson community, and you get to come out here and experience the culture. It’s an amazing way to fall in love with music and also just appreciate the art we drive by every day in a different light,” Hannah Sawyer, a third-year student at the UA studying music with an emphasis on violin performance, said. 

With the successful turnout of the Musical Murals event, members, organizers and first-time participants alike share the excitement and importance of events like these in the community.

“The event is supporting the future of music because these are all music students at the University of Arizona. Some of them are minors, some of them are majors and some of them are lifelong learners,” Marissa Olegario, assistant professor of bassoon at the UA Fred Fox School of Music and principal bassoonist of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, said. “It’s supporting the future and supporting something that brings joy, has brought joy in the past and will continue to bring joy in the future.”

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