UA student the daughter of MLB ‘super agent’

Bryan Roy

The Arizona Daily Wildcat caught up with UA sophomore Natalie Boras, the daughter of Scott Boras, Major League Baseball’s high-profile über-agent. Scott currently represents an estimated 65 clients in the league, including all-stars like Alex Rodriguez, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Johnny Damon and Barry Zito. Natalie is a psychology sophomore from Newport Beach, Calif.

Wildcat: What brings you to the UA?

Boras: When my dad first took me to visit, I think it was the campus that sold me. I didn’t think I was going to leave California, but I fell in love with the campus.

W: Are you a baseball fan?

B: Yes, I definitely go to a lot of baseball games, usually the Angels and Dodgers.

W: Do you have a favorite team?

B: I do love the Yankees.

W: What are your plans after graduating?

B: I’m a psychology major looking into sports psychology.

W: Did your father have any influence on your interests?

B: I definitely think he kind of turned me onto it.

W: Do many people know about your dad’s profession?

B: My girl friends don’t, but all of my guy friends do.

W: What’s their initial reaction when they find out?

B: Either, “”Can I get a job?”” or “”That’s what I want to be.””

W: Have you met any of his clients?

B: Yes, I’ve pretty much met all the Angels and Dodgers.

W: Who’s your favorite?

B: The one I’m closest with is Alex Rodriguez because I’ve known him since I was little. Usually, sometimes when the baseball players come to town, all my dad’s clients come over the house for dinner.

W: Why Alex Rodriguez?

B: He’s actually the one that I’ve met the most and he’s stayed at my house before. His wife is really nice and I’ve just known him since I was 11 years old. I really like Johnny Damon, too.

W: Do you listen to sports talk shows or read the sports section when your dad is involved?

B: I try. Sometimes I’ll put on satellite radio or catch parts on TV, but I really like going to the games.

– interview by Bryan Roy