“On the spot: James Bonanno, media arts freshman”

Brian Kimball

What are your thoughts on butt sex?

(Laughs) Butt sex, huh? I’ve never been offered it. If I was, I’d probably jump right on it. I guess it depends on if the girl is clean or dirty.

(Laughs) What do you mean by that? I mean, it’s still the butt either way.

Like, if they seem clean I’d probably go for it. If they seem like a dirty girl I’d probably have to say, ‘No’ and pass.

But the dirty girls are probably more willing to offer.

Yeah. You’re right. (Pauses) Um, fuck. That’s a really random question. (Laughs)

OK, how about this? If a girl says she’s a virgin but she’s had butt sex is she really a virgin?

No. Fuck that. She’s not a virgin. No girl can say they’re a virgin if they take it in the ass. (Laughs)

What is it with that anyway? I mean, what’s the infatuation with butt sex?

It’s different than regular sex. It’s something that you can tell your friends. You can be like, ‘Yo, I had anal.’ No one else really does that. Plus, it’s a little bit tighter.

(Laughs) That’s true I guess. But the fact that you would want to do it in a butt, that doesn’t make you dirty for wanting to put it in some poop?

Ew. (Laughs) Yeah, I guess. It’s all pretty fucking dirty. It’s an asshole.

Would you be OK with being a dirty dude if that meant you got some from a clean butt?

Yeah. For sure.

And what exactly do you mean by a clean butt?

I don’t know. One that, (pauses) I don’t think girls clean their assholes. (Laughs)