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    UA transfers are on their own

    This letter is in response to Damion LeeNatali’s Friday column, “”UA to transfers: You’re on your own.”” I transferred over from Pima Community College last year to complete my undergraduate degree, and, long story short, I am back at Pima this year. Everything that was reported I can confirm with my own experience. Someday I’d like to come back to the UA to complete my degrees here, but I don’t see how until the ways things are now are fixed. No one should have to miss the first week of class because his adviser doesn’t know what forms he needs to complete in order to register.

    Kevin Mason
    former UA student

    Overturn of Prop. 200 a dirty trick

    In today’s world, where political dirty tricks unfortunately abound, even the courts feel the need to unveil their own October surprise. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has blocked the enforcement of the new voter ID law. Remember that two years ago Proposition 200 was passed overwhelmingly by voters. Remember that just three weeks ago every voter in Arizona brought ID to the polls. The primary election took place “”without a hitch”” according to Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer. Now, unfortunately, we will all remember that in 2006 the will of the people was subverted. We will remember that 1,041,741 votes for the voter ID law have just been canceled out by two judges from San Francisco. Due to an unimaginably small risk of disenfranchising a handful of valid voters without ID, they have disenfranchised every legal voter in Arizona. The fraudulent dilution of your vote and mine by out-of-staters and illegals is now what we are looking forward to. The ninth circuit has opened the floodgates of fraud. They have done it just weeks before an election to ensure it cannot be undone in time. Sadly, I’ve come to expect these types of dirty tricks by the major political parties. To see this type of corruption from judges turns my stomach.

    Michael Badowski
    immunobiology graduate student

    Violent protester not representative of his party

    In response to Blake Rebling’s Monday letter (“”Attack during debate was unprovoked””), I would like to start by stating that I do not condone the assault on Wayne Boettcher and feel that physical violence has no place in a democracy. That being said, I believe Rebling has made a gross overgeneralization in suggesting that one man’s violent act speaks to the character of the anti-Bush protestors. To suggest that peace-loving anti-Bush protestors are “”hypocritical”” and showing their “”irrationality”” just because of this incident is narrow-minded at best, and ignorant at worst. In light of recent events, it would be unfair to state that Republicans are all pedophiles and alcoholics just because of the actions of one man. Let us not characterize the anti-Bush protestors, who were in peaceful discussion with Rebling before the assault, based on the actions of one violent individual.

    William Paul Miller
    UA alumnus

    How to listen to KAMP should have been publicized too

    I appreciate the exposure we received Monday from David Francis’ opinion column (“”KAMP Student Radio: Is anyone listening?””) about KAMP Student Radio. I’m sure a lot of students who have not heard of us now know a tad bit about our struggle to broadcast on a terrestrial station. However, how do you expect students to support our programming when there was no mention on how to listen? We have programming streaming at, on channel 20 and 3 in the residence halls, and via speakers broadcasting in the courtyard of the Park Student Union.

    Tiffany Tedesco
    pre-communication sophomore
    KAMP Student Radio general manager

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