Fast Facts

? After being decapitated, a human eye can still see for 20 seconds.

? Linda McCartney sold more vegetarian ready-made meals than Paul McCartney has sold records.

? An average of 76 people a year die playing Twister, and about 23 of them are playing the nude version when they die.

? You are more likely to be killed by a rogue champagne cork than a poisonous spider.

? By the time a person is 18, they have spent an average of 12,000 hours in school, and 14,000 hours watching television.

? Elvis Presley had a twin brother.

? Zeuxis, a Greek painter in the Fifth Centrury BC, laughed himself to death while looking at one of his paintings.

? John Lennon shoplifted the harmonica he used in “”Love Me Do”” in Holland.

? Cher’s parents married and divorced each other three times.