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    Police Beat: Nov. 30

    Intoxicated pedestrian fails to yield for stop sign

    University of Arizona Police Department officers were on patrol in the area of Helen Street and Fremont Avenue on Nov. 20 at 9:50 p.m. when they observed what appeared to be an intoxicated male. The man was having difficulty walking and struck his head on a stop sign. The collision knocked the man to the ground and he was unable to get back to his feet.

    Officers made contact with the man to check on his welfare. He showed several indications of intoxication, including bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. He identified himself with a Virginia driver’s license and admitted to drinking five to six beers within the previous hour and a half. Officers attempted to issue the man a citation for minor with spirituous liquor in the body, but the man objected, claiming that he had never been given a breath test. Officers told the man that he was welcome to submit to such a test, but reminded him that he had admitted to consuming alcohol. He replied that he had forgotten that he had admitted to drinking. He was issued the citation and released on scene.

    Marijuana smokers state the obvious during questioning

    UAPD officers were dispatched to the Manzanita-Mohave Residence Hall on Nov. 21 at 2:22 a.m. in reference to a report of the odor of marijuana coming from one of the rooms. Upon arrival, officers met with a Resident Assistant who led them to a room on the third floor were the odor was detected. Officers verified that the odor was coming from the room and knocked on the door. A male resident answered and officers noticed the odor was stronger once the door was open. They asked the man if they had permission to enter the room and he responded that they did.

    Once inside, officers noticed a blue and brown glass pipe on a chair in the center of the room. Officers told the man that the room smelled of marijuana and the man replied, “”Yeah, that’s because we were smoking in here.””

    Police asked if there was any more marijuana in the room and the man pointed to a bed where several pieces of marijuana were arranged on the comforter. Officers also observed a plastic bag on the bed that contained a second pipe. The man admitted that the pipe was used for marijuana but claimed it had not been used that day. The man was cited on charges of possession of marijuana and possession of narcotics paraphernalia. He was released on scene and the incident has been referred to the Dean of Students Office.

    Man leaves common sense at home, brings drugs to police station

    UAPD officers arrested a man on Nov. 21 at 5:40 a.m. in connection with a felony warrant. According to police, the man entered the UAPD station to take custody of a suspect in a DUI case. Officers performed a records check on the man and discovered the outstanding warrant, issued by the state of Ohio. They placed the man into custody and performed a search of his person. They discovered a folding knife, four marijuana seeds, and two oxycodone/acetaminophen tablets in his possession. The man asked police, “”They are just seeds, can’t we throw them away or something?”” He then admitted to being on probation in the state of Arizona, but claimed that the warrant was for his wife and not for him. He was transported to Pima County Jail and his probation officer was contacted.

    Man makes appearance in jail, not on ESPN

    UAPD officers were on patrol on the UA Mall on Nov. 21 at 6:30 a.m. when they observed a man pushing a woman and yelling at people in the crowd gathered for ESPN’s “”College GameDay”” coverage. Officers asked the man to exit the fenced area near the stage, at which point he became agitated and uncooperative and started to resist officers. They wrestled him to the ground, and, after a brief struggle, placed him in handcuffs. He continued to try to fight with officers while they escorted him to a nearby patrol vehicle. He was placed into the vehicle and eventually calmed down and ceased resisting.

    According to police, the man’s eyes were bloodshot and the strong smell of intoxicants was coming from his mouth as he spoke. He was identified with an Arizona driver’s license, which showed him to be under the legal drinking age. A records check revealed that he had an outstanding warrant issued by UAPD for failure to appear. He was cited on charges of minor with spirituous liquor in the body and disorderly conduct. He was transported to Pima County Jail where he was booked. The incident has been referred to the Dean of Students Office.

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